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  1. DownUnderGazza

    XLR to RJ45 adaptors?

    Hi there, Has anyone carried out any measurements of this sort of adaptor (or similar): TecNec DMX-3XF-CAT5 or CPoint XLRJ45-3M
  2. DownUnderGazza

    An evolving journey - DIY Surround on a Mac

    Hi all, Blumlein 88 (@Blumlein 88 ) recently posted this: "If we could do software Dolby and DTS decoding in say VLC, we wouldn't need this overpriced under-performing gear. Decode into a digital stream and shoot it to an 8 channel pro interface and onto amps. Great performance for relatively...
  3. DownUnderGazza

    Focusing on what we do best...

    Hi all, ASR has become a regular Must-Visit web site for me. I highly value the regular testing and discussion that goes on around science-oriented audio and the furthering of the human enjoyment of music! Not everyone can do the testing / write-ups that AMIRM and others here undertake and...
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