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  1. GGroch

    Nostalgia Based Speaker Designs - Straddling the thin line between clever and stupid?

    There seems to be a mini-boom in new speaker releases that are based upon 60s-80s nostalgia and in some cases technologies. Wharfedale has just expanded its Denton Heritage Series with a more upscale Linton. JBL's new L 100 Classic revives the egg-crate grill. Klipsch's Heritage series has...
  2. GGroch

    More 2019 April Fools

    I like Monoprice's New Compact Cassette Options. One buyer response: Wow! Just Wow! (not to mention flutter). Kef Wants to help you relax. Finally, an evidence based throw pillow!
  3. GGroch

    Very Nice Cheap Kit Speakers: HiVi/Swans DIY 2.2A & 3.1

    If you are looking for an interesting way to spend a few winter evenings building kit speakers, I can recommend these. Last year I put together the HiVi 2.2a speaker kit, 2-Way 6.5" Passive Monitor (floor stand) speakers that sound far better than a $220 kit should. If you lack the skills...
  4. GGroch

    Choosing Unbalanced RCA Audio Cables for Home Use: What Really Matters? - Shielding & Directionality Questions

    It is not uncommon to find audio path direction arrows on unbalanced RCA cables. Are these always sign posts of a snake oil design, or are there practical/scientific considerations? This topic of direction indicators on RCA cables has been discussed several times on this forum including in...
  5. GGroch

    What are the best settings for digital sources and DACS with volume controls?

    Sorry for the lengthy post but I have a long question. I listen to several sources in which there are multiple components with volume control in the chain. My question, does where I control the volume impact measured or audible fidelity? For example: I Use the Optical Digital Out on my...
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