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    New Lexicon AVRs (RV-6, RV-9) and SSP (MC-10) with Dirac Live

    Does ATI wanting the prestige that goes along with owning a bunch of famous old US and European audio companies (B&K, Theta, Datasat, SAE) also make you want to vomit? Also, this Lexicon is a generation old. I had one of the platform by another brand in for review, but could not review it due...
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    Adam S2V Studio Monitor Review

    "The yamaha monitors?" What the hell does that mean? You're fond of name-checking DACs again and again. And then one more time for sport. So why be so vague on the part of the chain that was the subject of a direct question? This Sennheiser HD650 and HD580, and MacBook Pro, owner concurs...
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    Adam S2V Studio Monitor Review

    What kind of input did your "active monitors" require (i.e. 1/8" minijack, RCA, XLR)? What kind of cabling and adapters were used?
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    Evidence-based Speaker Designs

    Practically I think these effects are audibly inconsequential, as offensive to the eye as they may be. I've been enjoying Pioneer EX speakers for years. The direct axis from all three speakers crosses ahead and above the money seat. I've had various speakers in our living room for review...
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    Evidence-based Speaker Designs

    TAD definitely has it, too. You can see it in JA's terrible normalized horizontal off-axis plots in Stereophile: Pioneer S-1EX TAD Evolution One (de facto successor to above speaker) Not as pronounced on Micro Evolution One because the coax is smaller:
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    Where do I do my crossovers?

    Step 1 to sub integration is "measure the response at the listening area to discover the quirks." :) Since you ran Dirac, if you want to post 'before' measurements I'm happy to take a look. In the absence of those, since you're using one sub and speaking practically 708P is not SPL limited...
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    Living With Linkwitz

    Very smart! I find it amazing how people will spend megabucks on equipment but then deploy it in such an unsightly way, with visible wiring everywhere. Concealed wiring and equipment should be the norm, not the exception.
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    Adam S2V Studio Monitor Review

    Andrew Jones is a master at his craft, so I expect he could take any approach and optimize it well. He also has a finely honed sense of the home audio dealers' (and customers') red lines. I'm not sure Jones has ever said the approach he took for recent ELAC powered speakers is better. Rather...
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    Please buy safe audio gear

    NAD's Hypex based amps have NRTL certification. That's a step better than ATI.
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    Marantz AV7705 Home Theater Processor Review

    I reviewed the SP4, and Dr. David Rich contributed some circuit analysis to deepen the review. I loved everything about it except for buggy interaction with Harmony remotes. (If it had worked seamlessly with Harmony activities, I would've inquired about buying it.) Long story short, DAC is not...
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    Monoprice HTP-1 Home Theater Processor Review

    That's needlessly harsh. In my reviews of SSPs and AVRs with Audyssey (Marantz, Denon) and Dirac 1 (Bryston) I took confirmatory measurements. I intentionally paid no attention to the original proscribed measurement positions. The results lead me to believe the provided graphs are reasonable...
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    Where do I do my crossovers?

    Yes, I think you will be able to do better using internal capabilities of the SHD Studio guided by measurements. Also, disabling all the bass management in the 708Ps and sub(s?) will make future glitches easier to handle if something goes sideways later, because all of your bass management is...
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    [Video] Speaker measurements by Danny Richie

    Audioquest managed to make a demo showing differences in HDMI cables, too. Richie is unfortunately in the Audioquest lane.
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    Coaxial driver experiences and preferences

    ICT is full range driver with a marketing hook that Tannoy uses in their cheapest outdoor and CI speakers. Tannoy's newest coax design (by a lot of the people who are now Fyne) did go back to using one magnet for both drivers, like their originals. I write a little about the evolution of their...
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    "Stand Subwoofers" like the Genelec W371, Kii BXT, etc. Ideally with DSP & Multi-Drivers

    You can also do that with standard speakers and outboard room correction.
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    Neumann KH 80 DSP Speaker Measurements: Take Two

    The Klippel shipped with a JBL speaker, right? The calibration speaker need not be good, just stable. I use an inexpensive KEF egg as my calibration speaker, mostly because it has a durable metal shell. It is not a bad speaker for its size, but it is no world beater either. I don’t buy that...
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    WolfX700 Measurement of SMSL M300 MkII Edition

    I recently picked up the M300 Mk. I, and I am impressed. The original version was a little cheaper, Bluetooth is an unwanted complication, and I prefer the standard RCA coax over a minijack adapter. There is no turn on or turn off thump. The noise floor is extremely low. I can turn the KH 80...
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    Neumann KH 80 DSP Speaker Measurements: Take Two

    Harbeth has a glaring dispersion disruption at the crossover, which is going to lead to different midrange timbre in the reflections compared to the direct sound. Compare Neumann and Harbeth horizontal polar maps. Essentially perfect. You cannot determine the mid-tweeter crossover frquency...
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    Marantz AV7705 Home Theater Processor Review

    Why? I know of one (expensive and excellent) processor that literally has a Raspberry Pi board inside for the control functions, with standard cables connected from it to the audio boards.
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    Marantz AV7705 Home Theater Processor Review

    This should be instant and obvious: unless there are noise/hum issues or the speakers are too inefficient or low impedance for the AVR to drive, the AVR will sound much better. The degree of improvement will scale with more capable speakers, too. That assumes room correction is active and...
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