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    What do Famous Recording Artists use in their Hi Fi?

    Always wondered this but can't seem to find much on it. Perhaps there are licensing and marketing contracts that spy the web for any correlations that would indicate what they use. Like what would Eddie VanHalen have in his Hi Fi set up? Or Neil Pert? Or The dudes from Spyro Gyro?
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    Sight Un-Heard

    So, I have digested more audio information from this site in the past week than I could have ever done visiting hifi shops and attending seminars or shows in many years. I am a sponge. As I scroll through ebay and other sites for audio gear with a budget of sorts looking for a mix of quality...
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    THX is what? And why would it be important to an audiophile?

    My Pioneer Elite VSX 56TXi is THX certified. I thought that was cool because it was my first real piece of audio gear and it still is. It got me into the movie nights at the home scene and of course a pile of DVD's. Since Star Wars and Lucas Films was touting this THX audio and it was such a...
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