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    Review and Measurements of Okto DAC8 8Ch DAC & Amp

    The DAC8s internal volume control is done in 32 bits, so it is perfectly fine. The introduced error should be well below its noisefloor.
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    "Stand Subwoofers" like the Genelec W371, Kii BXT, etc. Ideally with DSP & Multi-Drivers

    I can‘t remember if I have seen measurements about this, but I have seen this video: Of course I don‘t know if they are placed on solid ground or on carpet, etc.
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    Speaker Cabinet Design Considerations

    Here is some interesting stuff regarding baffle design from a site selling plans for DIY speaker. I think speakers from their site are in your (@Winkleswizard) list for DIY speakers, in your other thread already...
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    PlayClassics album premiere for ASR members

    This sounds very interesting. I have never listened to something like this before and would love to give it a try.
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    Master List of Speaker Companies

    Than I have to throw Lowther in too. You can buy prebuild speakers here.
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    Master List of Speaker Companies

    Kii Audio Grimm Audio German Physiks
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    Just bought a JDS Atom AMP. Do I need external DAC? (I have 'high-end' motherboard)

    Just made a few tests with my Desktop PC (ALC1150 Codec with two OpAmps as well), my Apple Dongle, a Fiio headphone Amp and my Laptops audio and a pair of very sensitive IEMs: My Laptops output is pretty noisy and sounds crappy. My Desktops output is pretty quiet, but sounds crappy too, when...
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    Todays way to go for Dolby Atmos Preamp

    I think you can. Here is a thread with pictures where a guy takes the signal from the preamp section and wires it to an added cinch jack. Furthermore he adds cinch inputs to use the AVRs amps, so you can connect a DSP inbetween for example...
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    Fun with "Windows Technical Support" scammers...

    A Late Night Show here in Germany made a video on this. They tried to steal as much time of the scammers as they could. Here is the video:
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    HDR playlist available on Spotify

    I don‘t think Spotify checks this. It is definetly chosen by him. I don‘t know if he looked at some something like Don‘t even know if this is a reliable source. But I like this playlist for the music nonetheless.
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    HDR playlist available on Spotify

    Yeah, he made it. His description says: "A mixture of Jazz, Blues and Classic Rock". So no wonder that there is no classical material. And thank you for sharing this list. There is alot of music I like, so there are probably other tracks I could like too.
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    HDR playlist available on Spotify

    Wich playlist do you mean exactly? I found a "High Dynamic Range" playlist by John James. This one has some Dire Straits track at the beginning and is definetly not tailored. @Veri Yes, HDR in video is great too! :D
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    Review and Measurements of Okto DAC8 8Ch DAC & Amp

    There is no pop with balanced connection.
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    Speakers cable help

    I would use a copper cable with a cross-section are of 1,5 mm^2 or 2,5 mm^2. Bigger is better but those should suffice. There are CCA cables made of aluminium and a some copper. They are cheaper, because aluminium is cheaper, but have a higher resistance with the same cross section area. I...
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    Review and Measurements of Okto DAC8 8Ch DAC & Amp

    I've tried it. Most of the times my woofer channels are nearer to digital clipping but do not clip. They reach like -2 or -3 dB. The sub channels are typically much lower, but 4 or 5 times they reach -1 dB for a fraction of a second. So no digital clipping as far as I can tell. Interestingly the...
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    Review and Measurements of Okto DAC8 8Ch DAC & Amp

    With DACs like the DAC8 and a proper DSP I don't see any problem.
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    Review and Measurements of Okto DAC8 8Ch DAC & Amp

    I'am using a miniSHARC (at full volume) with the DAC8 and a pair of LXmini+, not LXmini+2. I don't think I have this problem. But maybe I don't listen to bass heavy tracks or the +2 Subs are boosted more than the + subs. But I have to check it these days.
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    Review and Measurements of Aoide DAC II Pi HAT

    I knew, that it has to perform bad, because of the Pink Panther. But I did not expect this. :D When I was searching for DAC boards to use with my DSP, I've seen some comments on cheap ES9018k2m, etc boards. They had the same problem, but concluded, that the reason is digital gain applied in the...
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    Review and Measurements of Okto DAC8 8Ch DAC & Amp

    I bought the DAC8 module back then, when it was available, feeding it from a miniSHARC via i2s. I guess they stopped selling it, because they needed to give to much support, and because miniSHARC and nanoSHARC are discontinued, so there is no useable i2s source anymore. One could try to use a...
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    Review and Measurements of HifiBerry DAC+ Pro XLR

    I can understand you @Joachim Herbert . I also like ICs better. There are really good measuring devices on ASR, that just use one or two Operational Amp IC per output. And another thing, what I don't like from their website Allos website: "Sound quality stage" smells like... But they show the...
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