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    Monoprice HTP-1 Home Theater Processor Review

    Agreed with the emotiva. But the Latest Arcam AV40 pre/pro or Arcam AVR30 have no real measurements yet. Dirac seems to be integrated in both.
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    Neutral bookshelf speakers @ $2000?

    Ascend acoustics Sierra 2 and the Buchardt s400’s may be worth a look too. Both have published measurements which are comparable to the kef r3’s and revel m106’s.
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    DIY Purifi Amp builds

    When removing the banana plugs I read to add a resistor to r8 a1 r9 a1 and same as the other side is there anything that has to be done when removing the xlrs. Or is it as easy as wiring 3 wires to the pcb board.
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    DIY Purifi Amp builds

    Where can I find an input buffer instead of using the eval1. I don’t like how the plugs and xlr are soldered to the board it makes the cut out much more difficult. ATM makes one that’s visually similar but says it’s for the nc500.
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    Marantz AV7705 Home Theater Processor Review

    Why when implementing hdmi and multiple channels do these AVR’s and Pre/Pro’s measure so poorly? Do the desktop DACs get it right because they are supplying 4v to 2 outputs? Is it because of the 13+ outputs it’s difficult to keep that many channels under a noise+thd minimum. Like Was said if...
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    Looking for an actual quality AVR?

    The Nad t 778 looks to improve on the prior models pitfalls. The updated dac and Hypex amp modules along with Dirac. Maybe they delayed the November release date because they are making final tweaks knowing ASR are going to do thorough testing on it.
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    Dirac Live Bass Management?

    Identify the phase at the desired crossover frequency say 80hz find the phase plot on the sub say -180. Say your mains at 80hz are +135. -180+135=-45 -45/360=-0.125 Wavelength 343/80= 4.3m -0.125x4.3=-0.5m At 80hz crossover subtract .5m from the actual distance from the mlp to the subwoofer...
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    What electronic audio products you want tested most

    I would like to see the Denon x8500 tested
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    What electronic audio products you want tested most

    There is an article floating around here at what point is distortion audible. It’s not about wether the dac sounds different. It’s about how it stays true to the source. So when it converts the signal it does not add any distortion to the sound. If I make a 3,000 dollar investment it’s going to...
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    What electronic audio products you want tested most

    Agreed I love seeing graphed frequency plots on different axis. Not very many sites do objective tests. With how big ASR is getting Amirm might have to source a speaker guy to take up that challenge. But he offers this valuable service just on donations. I tip my hat to him it’s very commendable...
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    What electronic audio products you want tested most

    Measuring speakers is much more involved. Most likely would have to be done outside in the air 10 ft or so to eliminate ground plane reflection. So time of year depending on where you live would be a problem then there shipping it’s not that bad shipping amp or dac sized dimensions. Getting into...
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