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  1. q3cpma

    Neumann KH120A or Genelec 8030C?

    Hello, I've decided that one of these will be my next speakers unless these or the 8040 get an update or Neumann makes a 6.5" model in the meantime. But I find it very hard to choose as both: * Have a solid aluminium body designed to prevent diffraction * Use a deep waveguide providing...
  2. q3cpma

    Active speaker OEMs

    Does anyone know a way to learn about the OEMs for big guys like Genelec or Neumann? For example, I noticed that Genelec's 1238A and K&H's O500C seem to use the exact same woofer (see links) and I wondered who was the actual manufacturer behind these. I also want to know what class D amps...
  3. q3cpma

    Influence of driver shape (dome, cone) on sound

    After seeing multiple well-known pro gear manufacturers arrive to the almost same design for midrange - a 3" textile dome - I started searching about hard data about the way driver shape (cone, dome, phase plugs, etc...) influences its sound but found nothing. Anyone with such information and/or...
  4. q3cpma

    USB audio interfaces interest

    As per this post, I made a poll to gauge interest for popular and low-cost USB interfaces that could be used as a casual DAC. Most people now will agree that DAC is mostly a solved problem, needing a good implementation more than a good base D/A chip. This is why products made by big entreprises...
  5. q3cpma

    Another headphone recommendations thread

    Hello, I'm currently using a Beyerdynamic DT250 (80 ohms) that I really like, but I wondered if a strict upgrade existed for it. The main thing I'm looking for is a closed, solid headphone with velour (or something similar) pads and a sound as neutral as possible; at least, without too much...
  6. q3cpma

    Searching for a DAP with strict requirements

    Hello, I am currently rocking a Sansa Clip+ with Rockbox, but it is slowly dying (jack desoldering and battery wear). I also have a Fuze+ in case of actual player death, but its touch interface is horrendous. So I'm searching for a new DAP with the following features: * Physical buttons *...
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