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  1. Thomas savage

    Recommended reading for new comers and inquisitive minds.

    Just a thought , I know we have our technical articles section but how about a recommended reading list for both online content and physical books for new members to read and acquaint themselves with if they so desire. The point being to encourage or to further encourage self education rather...
  2. Thomas savage

    Anthem STR pre-amp

    Bought this , plugged it in.. sounds at least as good as my belles statement pre . It's got a ton of functionality, is less than half the price of my belles . In fact I might be able to sell my belles for the same price as I bought this new. Although it's internally converting to 32/196 it...
  3. Thomas savage

    My retirement

    Can't be arsed to rotate this ...
  4. Thomas savage

    Situation vacant

    Hi, To whom it interests, I'm stepping Down from my moderation duties at ASR. I'd like to offer my thanks publicly to the following members who have one way or another help me knowingly or otherwise.. @amirm @Blumlein 88 @Sal1950 @Cosmik @andreasmaaan @March Audio @oivavoi @DonH56 I like...
  5. Thomas savage

    Review thread discussion and moderation ( please read)

    Hi all, Just a quick heads up regarding the discussion that come after amirs reviews. They should be focused on the data , inquiries about understanding the measurements , requests for additional testing , peer review type engagements, consumer concerns and obviously learning in a fun friendly...
  6. Thomas savage

    Enjoy the festive season

    Merry Christmas, holidays and or just congrats on making it through another year.. get a load of me tree, same as princess Anne’s.. Terrible picture for comedic effect
  7. Thomas savage

    Visiting New York , recommendations?

    Hey , I’m in New York for a week December 5th till December 11th , has anyone any recommendations.. music , food , beer , hifi ... anything really. Cheers
  8. Thomas savage

    Quiescent technologies

    What do you guys think of this? This was of particular interest/amusement/outrage Can we measure the effectiveness of this kind of thing, it would be a service to folk if we could properly uncover their usefulness...
  9. Thomas savage

    All things Dance and performance art

    Not sure if any of you have a intrest in dance and performance art in general but if ya do please share your experiences..
  10. Thomas savage

    Forum rule update ( new and old members please read)

    hi, Although it’s often been expressed please do not quote or publicly address red moderation messages. Any protest you wish to lodge needs to done so through our conversation system. Public discussion concerning moderation actions are forbid, again start a conversation with me and or amir...
  11. Thomas savage

    Open baffle speaker design

    Stumbled on this , they are obscenely expensive but any intrest in discussing the open air design concept ?
  12. Thomas savage

    JBL Intonato Claims it can be used with “any speaker system” but uses D-sub connectors that I can’t find any solution to lol It’s ment to go with the 7 series speakers but again no D-sub connectors on them...
  13. Thomas savage

    Member banning

    hi all, It’s with a certain amount of personal regret we’ve banned member fas42 or frank as many of you know him. I know many of you already had him on ignore, hence the unusual step of announcing this. I also wanted to take the opportunity to highlight we are a forum for sound reasoned...
  14. Thomas savage

    Best wishes for the new year 2018

    To all our members have a great 2018, thanks for your support and continuing contributions here at ASR.
  15. Thomas savage

    The importance of time alignment for subwoofers

    hi, Some of you might know I bought a room correction box anyway it’s ended up sat before two subwoofers rather than within my whole system .. So it smooths frequency response at the listening position but that seems only part of the issue, while buggering about with placement of the subs it...
  16. Thomas savage

    Streaming audio with room correction

    ok, I have a dac with usb input (amongst others) I want to use a streaming service and apply room correction (Dirac live take measurements with a mic and it then automatically does everything) what do I need? A fanless pc , but what kind of spec to get the job done and as it’s in my listening...
  17. Thomas savage

    Geoff Martians (b&o speaker guy) blog

    Some intresting reading .., oh and graphs :D having visited the B&O shop recently I was disappointed to find no Beolab 90 (total flop in the uk , just about all stores got rid of their stock other than Harrods apparently) but some intresting things borrowing from some of that tech are springing...
  18. Thomas savage

    Dspeaker Anti-Mode 2.0

    trying one of these out ( ) any thoughts ?
  19. Thomas savage

    iFi spdif purifier?

    Reading another forum I came across several beaming reviews of this This guy loves it ..,
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