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  1. Grattle

    FOUND - WTB: multi bit dac

    Would love to find an affordable pcm1704 based dac. Also, a Modi MB. Thanks!
  2. Grattle

    New Schiit Fulla

    Has anyone bought the new Fulla? If so, any impressions, comparisons? Thanks!
  3. Grattle

    Fostex TH900

    I'm selling my TH900's. Full disclosure: One cup has a hairline crack. I've also upgraded them to MK2 with stock Fostex cable recepticles, but they are wired with the same polarity as Sennheiser. I can ship with original box, stand, and cable as well as an additional cable with a 3.5mm TRS...
  4. Grattle

    That Behringer Magic Smoke

    My cX-2310 crossover died. I know. You don’t believe that a behringer product could lose its magical smoke. This poor little cap.
  5. Grattle

    Portable Amp Power Supplies

    Hey all you designers and EE's. Do you know how portable amps and dac/amps generate a high enough voltage to properly power the opamps they use? AFAIK, lithium batteries provide about 3.6-3.7v. Most opamps I've read about like around 15-18v. Do they transform current to higher voltage via...
  6. Grattle

    Optical Output from IOS device?

    Does any ios device or even any iPod have optical out? I'm wondering about the 3.5mm jack, do any have combo optical jacks? I'm tied pretty strongly to Apple Music, and thus ios, but if another device has optical output and can use Apple music, I'd love to know about it. Thanks!
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