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    Complaint thread about speaker measurements

    I was thinking of sending in some Mini Maggies and am mildly concerned at the casual way 100db tests are being suggested. Then again, I remember reports of them being driven till the clip lights flashed on Bryston 7Bs and/or 28Bs. Just how big are Amir's testing amps?
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    The kit we bought, our current setups

    Welcome, @Alt-Wrong It seems like one of us is the evil twin of the other; I've been contemplating crossing my more efficient subs higher to my terribly inefficient fast dipole upper bass, mids, and tweeters. Crossovers are fairly difficult. I can't yet say I recommend it, but if you're in this...
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    A wishlist of gear to be reviewed by Amir

    The Mini Maggie satellites are officially listed at 14"x9.5"x1.25", which doesn't take the foot plate into account. The bass panel come in at 19.25"x22.5"x1.5", same caveat. The bass panel has some kind of crossover/hpf, but I have dabbled with running straight into the satellites and they...
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    A wishlist of gear to be reviewed by Amir

    I'm morbidly curious as to how a pair of mini Maggies would do, and have a spare pair boxed up. How would their dipole nature mess with the measurement rig? I haven't fully read through the speaker measurement post/thread so I'm not sure if that's already been accounted for. For that matter, how...
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    March Audio Hypex Ncore Power Amplifiers

    Indeed, how timely. Measurement quirks kept it from reaching the very top of the NC500 ranks, but it's not remotely like it's broken or anything- excellent measured performance. Gotta say I got lost trying to follow March Audio's post #43, I felt like random words started getting replaced with...
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    Digital Preamp? (or Predac?)

    I've been wondering about this since I steered a buddy to a pair of Kii Threes. The Kii Control only has one input of each type and the remote control functionality seems like a total afterthought. That, along with his affection for his old sub resulted in a setup where he has a home theater...
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    The kit we bought, our current setups

    Another lurker who finally signed up. I'm in the process of overhauling my system and look forward to pretty pictures when the theater room is finished...if it ever is. This is one of the few places where I could imagine people saying "well, that's not the most complicated thing I've ever heard...
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    March Audio Hypex Ncore Power Amplifiers

    I had two P502s and a P451 in my cart with my year end bonus burning a hole in my pocket. About 80% of the reason I didn't pull the trigger is the foot dragging on sending amps in for testing, and about 19% concern about shipping times from down under conflicting with my impatience. I got a...
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    bit perfect HDMI audio extractors?

    Eric from Geerfab had a booth (or at least borrowed some space) at Axpona last year where the D.Bob grabbed my attention something fierce. He had an Oppo 105 (in elusive silver, IIRC) playing hi res discs into the D.Bob, with the D.Bob feeding a Mytek DAC with it's large display showing either...
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