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    Yamaha A-U671 Integrated Amp & DAC Review

    If they did this , they should send the new revised version to you to remeasure. Would be in their best interests as there is not much in the market that has all those features.
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    Amir, you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't:

    OK, so if Iam reading this right - a member here who is also a member on another forum has started a thread on said other forum criticizing this forum. And now we have a thread on this forum dissecting said thread on other forum - which was initially criticizing this forum! My hangover just got...
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    Dutch&Dutch raise prices, slightly

    Not sure I could call that a "slight" price rise
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    Adam S2V Studio Monitor Review

    From memory the founder/developer of Adam Audio is also they guy who started HEDD which is getting lots of hype (maybe deservedly?)
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    Samsung Drops Headphone Jack On Galaxy S20.

    Locally they are sellingbthe S20 with the V2 buds included. No need for a headphone jack? Probably the bulk of the market prefer this option?
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    Review and Measurements of Purifi 1ET400A Amplifier

    Well, at least they are honest and clear about what it does. Measurement as well... But not for me...
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    Marantz AV7705 Home Theater Processor Review

    I wonder how it performs on the visual aspect of "AVR". Would it be just as bad?
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    DIY Purifi Amp builds

    Is the input buffer for a nc500 module and purifi 1ET400A interchangeable?
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    "Stand Subwoofers" like the Genelec W371, Kii BXT, etc. Ideally with DSP & Multi-Drivers

    The guy who put up that video posted on the LX/oplug forums that the issue was uneven floor surface. But, yes the premise of the bridge design by LX for the mids/tweeters was to avoid vibrations from the bass drivers/cabinet.
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    New build of Linkwitz LXMini

    Sorry, what i meant was are there any anechoic chamber or spinorama type measurements. This seems to be the benchmark allowing comparison to other speakers.
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    New build of Linkwitz LXMini

    For reference I built the LX521 after hearing the LXMini at a buddys place. However, i have never seen proper measurements for either speaker.
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    New build of Linkwitz LXMini

    Are there measurements to back this up?Genuinely interesed, have been caught too many times before by people raving about things.
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    New build of Linkwitz LXMini

    Ok, after reading more on this forum its got me wondering - has anyone seen any measurements of the LX521??
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    PlayClassics album premiere for ASR members

    I would love to have a listen as well. Code please.
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    Kali Audio IN-8 Studio Monitor Review

    I might have missed it, but is there an explanation for the cancellation between 8-10kHz?
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    Buchardt Will Release an Active Speaker

    Are you talking about a "swarm" like approach to bass? In that case would the A700 run full range with 2 mono subs effectively create the same effect? Or would the A500 with 4 subs be better?
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    Complaint thread about speaker measurements

    Whats the green stuff here? Prevailing winds? To be in the middle I think you need a cargo ship - crazy rich asians style
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    KEF LS50 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    Amir, would there me an advantage to having servo control for a subwoofer that would show up in measurements? Or is it all in my mind?
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    KEF LS50 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    Interesting discussion. I have both Rythmik and SVS subs, and prefer the servo sub by a long margin. Obviously many factors involved. Howevee, can the Klippel system measure subs?
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