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    Review and Measurements of Emotiva XMC-1 Gen 2 Pre/Pro

    Well Amir tends to like his inaudible at "the sound of butterfly wings flapping". I'm talking more uh, down to earth :D FWIW, the XMC-1 has powerful room correction features with cheaper DACs lack. So have to take the features in to account. Personally though I've never cared for room correction...
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    Sounds like you have some electric issues. Emotiva has the CMX-2 which has DC-offset filtering which may or may not help. But as for large transformers hum.... I have two XPA-1 gen 2 amps which weigh 70 pounds a piece with a 1200 VA torroidal transformer each. No hum. Also nearly all the amps...
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    A Love Letter to the HD800

    I use it with several different sources, so if I wanted to do that I would need a separate equalizer. For me, considering the cost of the headphones,, they need to sound right without me having to spend more time tweaking them. Like with the higher priced 800S, I would be okay with spending more...
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    A Love Letter to the HD800

    Have you heard the 800s? What do you think of it?
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    A Love Letter to the HD800

    I am a big fan of the sennheiser line up. I use the HD700. My goal is the HD800 or the HD800S depending on which one I prefer. I haven't had a chance to hear them. Which do you prefer or can you describe the differences?
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    Utter audio noob somewhat disillusioned with the amp/dac market, looking for advice...

    I don't know what I'm talking about. But i use the Emotiva Bas-x A-100 with the jumper engaged with my 300 ohm Sennheiser HD600 and the 150 ohm HD700 and the thing sounds fantastic (subjectively, no DBT performed). A lot of bass extension, lots of lightning fast dynamics etc. The sensation of...
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    Objectivist Youtube Channels?

    About 3 billion hours are spent watching youtube every month. So I'm guessing a lot of people care ;) Video reviews don't have to be about pruning on camera. There's a lot of quality content out there. I could see a person talking about the measurement results, their meaning, the different...
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    I don't understand the obsession with DR meters

    I do very amateur one take recordings. They are stereo recordings from stereo microphones of a real space (usually a living room or garden). They are uncompressed with no dynamic compression applied. Result - nice full sound which is also very detailed with an appropriately sized soundstage...
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    Analysis Plus Oval Digital XLR Cable Review

    What causes differences in jitter for cables? How come one did better than the other?
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    KIMBER KABLE: Do High-end USB Cables Make A Difference?

    Even MORE no difference! So much no difference it makes the mind boggle!
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    KIMBER KABLE: Do High-end USB Cables Make A Difference?

    $60 is considered "high end" for a cable? Yeah that's a little bit higher, but somewhat tame imo. Check out Audioquest for outrageous pricing! Their Diamond USB is like $599.
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    Is Mcintosh current amp?

    I have listened to their flagship monoblocks and the mind boggles as to the prices. Though they sound fine, I have heard a few that sounds equally good (like the Emotiva XPA-1 gen 2) for instance.
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    Denafrips ARES II USB R2R DAC Review

    I don't know what mode the unit I listened to was (it was stock). However, I wasn't all that impressed and I didn't think it was very detailed in the sound. (No dbt performed, subjective impressions).
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    Complaint thread about speaker measurements

    Can you change the exponent values for frequency in to numbers?
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    Emotiva Airmotiv 6s Powered Speaker Review

    I'm really glad you did a measurement on these. Emotiva also has measurements on these. So you can compare. I have not had the opportunity to listen to the 6's but I have heard the 4's and the 5's - both (subjectively) performed at the top of its price range (passives included), which really...
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    Dark Wallpaper for OLED TV's

    I'm trying to find some dark wallpaper for my 65 inch 4k OLED which I use as my Windows machine. Currently I have it cycling with some dark wallpaper, but have had trouble finding a good variety. The darker it is with some minor light to contrast is what I'm looking for. Eg: stars at night...
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    Emotiva XSP-1 stereo preamp discussion, with Emotiva's measurements

    FWIW: I thought the DC-1's analog preamp sounded better. But the XSP-1 sounded great to me too. (Subjective, no dbt performed)
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    Auralic LEO GX DAC Clock Review

    @amirm so after you rebooted, it would be good to show what the difference was without the clock? For instance if the performance was identical measured, then what would be the point of the clock (as you suggest).
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