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    Anaview AMS0100 DIY Speaker Amplifier

    I am selling this amplifier I built myself and that I also reviewed here: It is also on sale on eBay here: but if we conclude on ASR there is a 12% discount on that price (449). Feel free to make...
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    Calculate bass reflex port for a speaker

    Hi, guys, I want to build a pair of speakers based on the AAM+ by philarmonicaudio, I have all the information about tweeter, the woofer and the crossover, also I know the cabinet dimensions that are the one of the Dayton BR-1 kit, but I cannot find info about the rear bass vent. It seems to...
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    D50 alternatives

    Hello, do you know any Topping D50 alternative(meaning that they measure similar or better than d50)? Maybe with also XLR outputs and in the <300€ range? Thanks :)
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    Khadas or D30 (concerned with USB pc noise)

    Hi guys, I just registered but I read a lot of threads here in the last weeks. I have currently an AudioGD R2R-11 and I would like to swap it with Atom+DAC. I was really interested in the Khadas Tone Board + Case, but it seems that it measures worse with USB than Coax, or at least it can...
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