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    FS: Dutch and Dutch 8c

    Due to unforeseen circumstances I'm selling my Dutch and Dutch 8c. All original items including boxes. These speakers are only a few months old asking $7800. They will need to be strapped to a pallet and shipped freight. PayPal add 3%.
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    Room acoustics and speakers obsolete?

    Will Sound Beaming solve the room and speaker problem or create new problems to solve. Is this technology as promising as it appears ?
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    New device to clean nasties from Ethernet.

    I Came across another device to contribute to audioneurosis from Network Acoustics called the ENO. It suppose to "filter" EMI/RFI with it's UPOCC silver or copper wiring and "patent pending" filtering goop, making music more real, natural and simply more exciting. Maybe someone can persuade...
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    SOLD: MiniDSP SHD Studio

    Less than 1 month old SHD Studio with all accessories and On Stage boom microphone stand. You will need a clip to hold the Umik 1. Asking $700 for both with free shipping in the ConUS. Paypal add 3% Will consider shipping to other areas for exact cost. Thanks for looking.
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    FS: Various Items. Umik 1, Matrix X-SPDIF 2, iFi Power for matrix.

    I have various items I no longer need would like to sell them as a group to save on fees and shipping. MiniDsp UmiK 1 and tripod stand. Practically new Matrix X-SPDIF 2 and (ifi Power still in unopened box). Will take $400 and free shipping in the ConUS .
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    Anyone ever see any measurements on this Server/streamer/dac?

    I came across this 432 EVO, it seems to me it's basically marketing the 432Hz crowd. I'm not familiar with listening to 432hz music at least not knowingly. I can see if the recording was made with the musicians tuned to 432hz you would get an idea if it sounded different but somehow messing with...
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    Leedh digital volume?

    I was looking for a network streamer to use with Dutch & Dutch 8c. AES3 out don't need a DAC and was looking at a Lumin U1 mini. I noticed they mentioned this new Leedh digital volume processing. I am not very good at reading through some of the BS and was curious if anyone here has any...
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    FS Anthem STR integrated

    Bought this new earlier in the year and have decided to try separates. It's silver in color and asking $3700. I have all the items that came with it including the triple boxes. Thanks for looking.
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    Anyone heard of the Audion GanTube Amp

    Happened to come across this on the net. From their site looks like pretty good measurements for a class D with a tube in it <-130 noise floor. Anyone ever hear one of these or hear of them?
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    FS: MiniDSP SHD Studio SOLD

    Got this about a month ago. Has all accessories including tripod and mic. Can down load the software needed and put on flash drive. The dirac works great but I have decided to get an Anthem STR integrated with ARC and get rid of a few extra boxes. It is $900 new will sell for $750
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    Newbie question about streamers

    I am constantly hearing on other forums how much better uber $$$ streamers feeding the same DAC over inexpensive ones sound and I was wondering what exactly does the streamer without a DAC do. I thought it simply took the stream over ethernet converted to a USB protocol or spdif and sent it on...
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