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    Integrated amplifier help Please

    Marantz Model 30, Rotel 1572, Parasound Hint6,
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    Townsend Isolda cable

    I'm not an engineer these other guys/gals are doing a good job of trying to get technical answers I am just wondering why the end of your cable is plain copper wire and cheap terminators?
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    FS: Dutch and Dutch 8c

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    FS: Dutch and Dutch 8c

    They are oak/black hard to see in photos. Price now includes shipping to ConUs. Stands are not included I don't think anyone would want then anyway they are ones I modified, reasonable priced stands can be found at Skyland for these speakers.
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    Genelec G home series vs professional

    The specs and features look the same on the website except for the XLR as mentioned.
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    FS: Dutch and Dutch 8c

    I'm in Louisville, KY.
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    FS: Dutch and Dutch 8c

    Due to unforeseen circumstances I'm selling my Dutch and Dutch 8c. All original items including boxes. These speakers are only a few months old asking $7800. They will need to be strapped to a pallet and shipped freight. PayPal add 3%.
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    Neumann Subwoofer KH 750 DSP : DSP power for all analog Neumann monitors

    You can connect the RME but there is an amp in the subwoofer as well as a DAC. If you want to connect tube amps to a subwoofer you need a passive not active.
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    Recommendations for 2.1 system

    This has a DAC so you could connect to subs and an amp.
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    Recommendations for 2.1 system

    I would but the OP was worried about using a HPF in the sub to amp this was just an option to filter the high frequencies without doing that.
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    Recommendations for 2.1 system

    You can also use passive filters to block low frequencies from the bookshelf speakers. You can get them in 80hz or 100hz. Put one of these behind each speaker connected to the speaker wires. Cheap solution if you don't want to get into active crossovers...
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    Recommendations for 2.1 system

    Adam Sub7 and Sub8 have a fixed high pass at 85hz or you can passthrough. If 85hz would work for you the Sub7 is $700 the Sub8 $900 but you can find used or b stock cheaper on Reverb. Edit: Cheaper Presonus Temblor T8 has a fixed 80hz HPF. They're about $350
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    Room acoustics and speakers obsolete?

    Good for conferences and museum tours?
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    Room acoustics and speakers obsolete?

    Isn't it used in wifi? Or is that something different. I'm usually wrong.
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    Room acoustics and speakers obsolete?

    Will Sound Beaming solve the room and speaker problem or create new problems to solve. Is this technology as promising as it appears ?
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    Advice for good living room sound system (streaming, multi room)

    Have you considered active speakers? I've seen a new company, GGNTKT have active speakers at €5750 including vat which leaves 4250 for preamp and kitchen speakers. I've never heard these speakers but the measurements look pretty good and you could give them a listen...
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    The US Electoral College

    When I saw the topic I wondered will it gloss over the influence of slave states and their threat of not ratifying the constitution if the President was elected by popular vote ? Your link is a good article. The threat also extended to another abomination the reason for the 2nd amendment.
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    New device to clean nasties from Ethernet.

    I see this kind of stuff and just shake my head. I don't know if it's hilarious or sad.
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