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  1. Saidera

    What Does DSEE HX AI / DSEE Ultimate / DSEE Extreme Do?

    Without a DSP called DSEE HX AI, audio seems blended with collapsed soundstage. Basically smoother vocals and transient attack is what DSEE HX already had, whereas ‘height’ is by AI… You could try out these audio players with some headphones and mp3s. It should bring out details - restore...
  2. Saidera

    The sound quality of DSD?

    Multiple threads here deal with DSD, but I'm yet to see a bit more depth concentrated in one place. DSD For Beginners is boring and tells very little. Based on listening to the sound quality of DSD native from Cirrus Logic chips like that in Sonata HD Pro I find: • S/N ratio of DSD at high...
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