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  1. invaderzim

    Too detailed for background music?

    I should have put the sarcastic wink at the end of my statement about the audiopheliac. I bet he has some great stories to tell but I take his recommendations with a few grains of salt. But at least he hasn't yet jumped the shark by putting a doorstop on a DAC ;) It turns out much of the...
  2. invaderzim

    Review and Measurements of Digital Amp DAC DAC HS

    As a DIY project it looks awesome. As a $1,290 item it looks terrible. I love simple designs and think they can look classy; this just looks like homemade to me.
  3. invaderzim

    Marantz HD-AMP1 DAC and Integrated Amplifier

    I often wonder in situations like this if there were people working on it that pointed out the same issue but were shouted down by those that insisted it be a certain overall size and cost.
  4. invaderzim

    TIDAL accused of deliberately falsifying streaming numbers

    you have to put a doorstop on the assessments and then they get better.
  5. invaderzim

    Too detailed for background music?

    Nope, I just drive around in circles until I find the place like we were meant to do ;)
  6. invaderzim

    Too detailed for background music?

    I will admit that by the Audiopheliac's definition I am not really an audiophile because I rarely just sit and listen to music. And that got me wondering if different presentations of music are better for different instances. For a related example when we first got our big HD TV I noticed...
  7. invaderzim

    layered distortions

    A lot of people don't realize that there are even sites like this with the measurements listed and a lot of products that test poorly get really stellar reviews. And many just buy what the salesperson says is good. I guess it would vary from one combination to the next if the spikes...
  8. invaderzim

    layered distortions

    This may have been addressed before but I've been wondering if any tests on chains of equipment have been done before. For example what is the end result if one takes a DAC that tests poorly and connects it to a preamp that tests poorly and then connects it to an amp that also has poor numbers...
  9. invaderzim

    less than one inch clearance for ventilation above an AV receiver too little?

    My AVR in a cabinet would get quite hot so I got these: Some variation of it...
  10. invaderzim

    One Year Update - OLED Burn-in Test –

    My Samsung plasma has dead horizontal lines at the top and bottom of the screen but I'm still having trouble finding a TV that I like the picture on as much as it. I wish I had bought a spare when they announced they weren't going to make them anymore.
  11. invaderzim

    Ethan Winer Builds a Wire Null Tester

    I think the debate would go something like this Ethan: "facts, figures, tests, science" Paul: "feelings, emotion" Ethan: "numbers" Paul: "numbers don't show what I hear" Ethan: "numbers show everything" Paul: "then why do I hear something?" Ethan: "because you want to" Paul: "since I'm hearing...
  12. invaderzim

    Ethan Winer Builds a Wire Null Tester

    And I've seen many of them say that if you think you hear a difference then that is all that matters. But there is expense involved with simply thinking one hears a difference with a purchase. Sometimes they will wave it off because it is such a small amount of money being spent for the...
  13. invaderzim

    speaker efficiency, more than volume level?

    Sorry, it is easy to forget things. I hadn't thought about it until I had to shut it off with the chip amp this morning because there was too much bass then. I should also mention the 70 dB was at 10 feet from the speakers, centered between them. The sub is an 8" with speaker level inputs...
  14. invaderzim

    speaker efficiency, more than volume level?

    The dB meter app on my phone shows a peak level of about 70 for the top range of my daily listening. I have cranked it to clearly audible distortion levels in the past but that isn't a frequent thing; especially with the little guy in the picture at the left not liking super loud things (along...
  15. invaderzim

    speaker efficiency, more than volume level?

    If I have a low powered amp (10 watt or so) and speakers that are only 88dB for the efficiency am I losing anything in sound quality at lower listening levels? I read and hear over and over that if you have a lower power amp you need high efficiency speakers but if I never get anywhere near the...
  16. invaderzim

    Commonalities of the Modern-Day Snake Oil Salesman

    Both Steve and Darko have recently had comments like this with the overall argument being "who is it hurting if people are happy with the result" or "It only costs this much so why worry about it?" People are getting bombarded from every angle with crazy ways to improve their sound and then are...
  17. invaderzim

    Review and Measurements of MARCH audio dac1

    Now can we finally address the real elephant in the room? The static logo that takes up too much room on March Audio's otherwise beautiful website. It is a great logo but having it not scroll away leaves much less room to see the actual product information. I'd have it scroll away and a...
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