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    Usb vbus isolator

    Could this do anything.
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    Active monitors as hifi speakers

    Hi Been looking at active speakers for my hifi to replace my nad c270 power amp and ar9's Would speakers like Yamaha hs8 or jbl 308p with sub be ok for hifi and is this even an upgrade as seem cheap for class d biamped speakers J
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    Foobar hi res set up

    Hi just installed foobar trying to play hi res and mqa tracks All I can get is 48khz J
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    Smsl m500 set up

    Just looking at the manual It shows filters only available with non mqa formats but only works with mqa Also shows led should be blue when decoding and playing mqa and led should be magenta when rendering a mqa stream or file but always blue Any ideas
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    Connect dac direct into power amp

    Hi just joined My smsl m500 should be here in a few days I have nad pre and power amps both have fixed and variable rca inputs Can i connect dac straight into power amp or is it better to use preamp J
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