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    Ideas for in-wall cabling

    Hello there. I have my wall opened currently to run some cat6 cables. in my living room, I am planning on running 2 HDMI fiber cables from one side of the room to the other to carry signals to a projector or another integrated amp. 2 Cat6, 2 HDMI, what else would be useful to have? juste a few...
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    Burning Amp 2019, San Francisco

    Anyone here going to Burning Amp in San Francisco this week end? Could be nice to put a face on some of the nicknames here
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    adding VU-meters in the audio chain?

    Every time I see an amp with vu-meters, I get that weird irresistible attraction for it... it's like a spell :) Maybe some nostalgia from my 80s years as a young teen with an amp with vu-meters. I listen to music mostly on headphones nowadays. But my equipment doesn't have any kind of meters...
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    ATOM or THX headphones amp for efficient speakers?

    I read that the JDS Labs ATOM and the Massdrop THX AAA 789 are pretty powerful for headphones amplifiers. They can output 3-4w if I recall. I definitely hear that on my ATOM with headphones. I was wondering if those amps could be feeding efficient speakers directly. I am not super familiar...
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