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  1. cjfrbw

    Vintage amplifiers that could challenge or approach current state of the art amplifiers

    Yup, B3 are Yamaha VFET amps, like the B2. Still one of the best sounding production amps around. My sample is hypnotic to listen to.
  2. cjfrbw

    Steve G Takes Revenge On ASR With New Review!

    Nonsense. My nipples haven't been perky in decades.
  3. cjfrbw

    Steve G Takes Revenge On ASR With New Review!

    Not really, but I couldn't help thinking that the whole time he was making this vid, he didn't have the echo of ASR rattling around in the back of his mind.
  4. cjfrbw

    Vintage amplifiers that could challenge or approach current state of the art amplifiers

    That's strange. I can never figure out for sure exactly when they are.
  5. cjfrbw

    Vintage amplifiers that could challenge or approach current state of the art amplifiers

    All these pages and no mention of Yamaha B2 VFET? Yes, it definitely challenges modern amps in sound quality, it is hypnotic to put a word on it. My Sample, all original (except for VU meter LED), sounds amazing: I have a Yamaha MX 600u, too, that is also all original, powers some surrounds...
  6. cjfrbw

    MBL Pre-amp De-Thrones Benchmark?

    If you ever read the Audio Exotics web site, where the absurdly well heeled Asian audiophiles hang out, you will quickly learn that quirky and twitchy OC disorders and obsessions are considered virtues, if not required membership protocols, as are animistic projections onto audio components...
  7. cjfrbw

    MBL Pre-amp De-Thrones Benchmark?

    Do they use preamplifiers in houses of ill repute?
  8. cjfrbw

    MBL Pre-amp De-Thrones Benchmark?

    LOL! Nobody ever said religion is cheap. The priestly trappings and tokens add to the mystique! Alms and relics sellers maintain their arrays so that the audio hopeful never lose faith. Isn't the audio equipment rack an altar of sorts? Say what you will, the audio market demands and requires...
  9. cjfrbw

    MBL Pre-amp De-Thrones Benchmark?

    These threads referring to Stereophile reviews clued me into reading the comments sections after the reviews. They are marvels of bilious snideness and are quite fun to read in an audio-as-combat sort of way. I think I will start reading them more often. Stereophile seems to have a captive...
  10. cjfrbw

    Audio Pundit Rant (Currawong)

    Amir always cracked me up even before ASR, because he had great, very authentic if non-poetic reactions to audio equipment and audio set ups, even if they were very expensive and exotic, and absolutely refused to budge to audio gaslighting when it was heaped on him. Inclusion in the hoity toity...
  11. cjfrbw

    Tidal does Atmos - for real this time!

    The bad news is there will shortly be a FOTM new surround craze, corresponding to the cycles of planned obsolescence and new product placements, that will make all of this quickly antiquated.
  12. cjfrbw

    I wonder: Are Subjectivist or Objectivist more suggestable to Hypnosis?

    "The power of suggestion, it is strong in this one!" "I have some cables and the Brooklyn Bridge available for sale!"
  13. cjfrbw

    Poll: Where are you guys from?

    I'm from Coolsville, and I'm going back.
  14. cjfrbw

    Audible threshold of distortion.

    This opens up entire new realms of audio gullibility.
  15. cjfrbw

    Are a dac and an headphone amplifier really worth it vs my phone ?

    I would say it depends on how you listen. If you use your phone for 'serious' listening in quiet environment for extended periods of time, then yes, it is probably a good idea to upgrade the DAC etc. If your listening is mostly on the go in noisy environments, then no, it is a waste of...
  16. cjfrbw

    OK, you are not really an audiophile if you haven't done this:........... (fun thread)

    Cleaning lady and stylus destruction, like trailer parks and tornados, they are mutual attractants. They seem to be fascinated, and use cleaning as an excuse to look closer, or, they think its a contaminant that needs to be cleaned. I told cleaning people to stay out of my audio room...
  17. cjfrbw

    TV Repair: some days you are unlucky...

    The Curse of the Chinese Capacitor! Also, on microwaves. Repair guys know what's wrong before they even look at them, come out, replace a capacitor, then microwave works for a lot longer.
  18. cjfrbw

    Does good measurement system sound good to your ears?

    My great glob of mad scientist moving mass of audio junk keeps me entertained. The only accurate thing I have done with it is to allow the Yamaha to adjust the surrounds and do bass management through it's automated system. Everything else has been tweak-o-mania. I would call that subjective...
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