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    Good open-back ~$200-ish headphone?

    I'm looking for a good open-back $200-ish headphone, with a neutralish sound-signature. It needs to be super comfortable where I can wear it for extended periods, and I'll use it for playing games and some music listening. Because of the games aspect, great imaging is important. Soundstage...
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    Does sample rate conversion affect sound quality?

    I've been wondering if sample rate conversion will affect sound quality. For example, if you're using a Denon receiver with Audyssey enabled, any digital music being streamed through the Denon with a sample rate > 48 khz will be down sampled to 48 khz. Will this affect how it sounds? Also...
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    Good quality RCA > XLR cables

    I'm looking for suggestions for good quality RCA to XLR cables. I know these will by definition be unbalanced, but looking for ones that are wired correctly and use high quality connectors, such as from Neutrik. No snake oil :)
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    Balanced DAC around ~$500 with 12V trigger out and remote

    I'm looking for a DAC with balanced output, 12V trigger out and a remote control for use with a 2 channel power amp. Ideally one that measures well of course :) Looking through the reviews here it seems that most DACs do not have 12V trigger outs. I want this feature as I would use it to...
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    Streamer/DAC with Dirac

    Which streamer + DAC combos are out there that also have Dirac Live built in? I know of the MiniDSP SHD, which was reviewed by Amir and measures well. Are there any others out there? I guess an alternative would be to build a miniPC running Windows and install Dirac Live Studio, and use a...
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    How to mix AVR + External DAC + 2ch amp?

    Alright, So given the mediocre state of AVRs across the board, as Amir has demonstrated with his measurements, what solutions are there to keep your AVR (I have a Yamaha A2070) but add a good external DAC/Streamer + a good 2 channel amp for music listening? For movies I'm not as concerned...
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    DAC/Amp combo for ~$400

    So I'm looking for a good DAC/Amp combo for around $400 - $500 Must haves: - low impedance single-end headphone out - balanced line out for powered speakers (XLR) - main volume control will control both headphones (when plugged in) or speakers - good Windows 10 drivers that allow for problem...
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