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    In-wall speakers upgrade recommendation

    I'm currently using Polk Audio RC85i in-wall speakers in my living room together with RC80i in-ceiling surround/height and 255c-RT center. I never liked how music sounds in my living room. Recently tried out Polk Audio TSi300 towers and even though they are cheap low-end they sounded much better...
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    My first successful speaker and room correction using REW and MacOS system-wide EQ

    Acknowledgement Thanks @3125b for the suggestion to use a measurement microphone for room correction EQ at my first noob question on the forum and everyone else's comments - without your advice I would have spent $1000+ on stuff without getting any actual improvement, where now I got a massive...
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    Upgrade dilemma - would Topping D90 + A90 would be an improvement vs Motu M2 + Magni Heresy for headphones and studio monitors?

    Hi Folks First I'd like to mention I'm in a pretty happy place right now with my audio setup: Playing Amazon Music HD on MacBook with Motu M2 connected by XLR to KRK 10s subwoofer and Rokit 8 G2 powered studio monitors and RCA to Magni Heresy. Using a modest set of headphones - Sennheiser...
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