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  1. artnoi

    Topping Quality Issues?

    I used to think the same about Macs, until I met ThinkPad.
  2. artnoi

    Innuos Zen Mini Mkiii too slow for Roon?

    according to Amir, even the (non-Raspberry) Pi can run Roon just fine using Diet Pi or something. But I’m not sure if that’s Room Core or just the end point and I’m too lazy to check.
  3. artnoi

    AC power conditioning and Oppo 205

    IMO, a well-designed audio gear usually come with decent PSU and thus should not show any swing in performance when having its AC cable swapped to different model (given that the wire is of proper gauge and not defective)
  4. artnoi

    The problem with the choice of DAC

    I think it’s placebo. My entire life I’ve never encountered a digital audio box that messes with speed or timing. Even my flawed Xduoo X3 which plays 44.1kHz at 48kHz or my misconfigured Rockbox iPods (which also played 44.1 at 48kHz) sounded fine to my ear and everyone else.
  5. artnoi

    Topping Quality Issues?

    How many D10s have got issues so far?
  6. artnoi

    JDS Reliability

    They sure have very good customer support. I bought twice from them, first time the power supply for Massdrop O2 (50Hz) and then the Atom amp. When I asked them if my Atom will work properly because there is mismatch in frequency between Thai mains AC and Atom power supply, they went in-depth to...
  7. artnoi

    Review and Measurements of Sony HAP-S1 Streamer/Server

    Well most other “audiophile” forums and reviews also praise Audio-GD as audio god, despite very terrible performance. This plus the science of how (bad) we can hear (and think) makes it very hard (for me) to trust any subjective reviews without “number game”.
  8. artnoi

    The problem with the choice of DAC

    To my ears they all sound the same, but the Canary runs very warm and USB connection is very glitchy so I just use it to play optical audio from PS4. I don't have Windows machine so I can't actually upgrade the Yulong firmware. Oh and from the measurement provided by the manufacturer jitter...
  9. artnoi

    The problem with the choice of DAC

    Oh actually my tone is also naked lol
  10. artnoi

    The problem with the choice of DAC

    You may want to consider that the Khadas is just a board, not finished product.
  11. artnoi

    Review and Measurements of Audio-gd DAC19 DAC

    NwAvGuy did that to me too years ago. I thought the industry had learned over the years, yet Amir proved otherwise.. and it seems worse these days IMO.
  12. artnoi

    Review and Measurements of Sony UDA-1 DAC & Amp

    IMO later Sony audio products seem to be full of snake oil and most are just unnecessarily complex/heavy while measuring very poorly
  13. artnoi

    Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT wireless Bluetooth headphone quick review

    Hey I just got 4.50BTNC (on sale here for around $140 while the 4.40 was around $130) and have HD600 and ER4SR as well, I’d say this Bluetooth Sennie headphone sounds nice and remind me of my HD600. However, I did not notice before purchase that the HD4.x series does NOT have AAC support, which...
  14. artnoi

    Single Ended DAC - Balanced VS Unbalanced on THX AAA 789

    Me neither. I don't know much, but based on my shallow knowledge about how stereo sound works, I think if the kit is able to produce flat response then the 'recorded room/stage effect' wouldn't change, and thus the sound stage is kept intact for the speakers/headphones to reproduce. At the same...
  15. artnoi

    Single Ended DAC - Balanced VS Unbalanced on THX AAA 789

    Easy crosstalk measurement, channel balance and frequency response should already represent how transparent the ‘stereo soundstage’ should be.
  16. artnoi

    DAP or dedicated DAC for home listening?

    A desktop bus-powered USB DAC + Raspberry Pi Volumio server For USB DAC I recommend Khadas Tone Board ($99) Topping D10 ($99) And the Pi costs $35 for the maxed out model. This way, you have an always running bit-perfect music setup with very high performance. With Volumio, you can pull your...
  17. artnoi

    dac topping d10

    based on this translation, I think D10 should work with Android just fine, just be careful about power consumption over USB, since the D10 draws power from USB bus.
  18. artnoi

    Review and Measurements of Sony HAP-S1 Streamer/Server

    IMO Sony audio products are like audiophile products (I mean in a bad way). It's like the chief engineers or designers in audio department are like the majority of Japanese audiophiles who like pseudoscience and dislike objective evaluation. Judging from their ads, it seems like they are just...
  19. artnoi

    Measurements of Pixel 3 + VIMVIP headphone adapter + Google Play Music

    As a user with many headphones and USB-C laptops I find your results very helpful for getting new headphone jacks. Currently I’m using 2 Apple dongles for my laptops (macOS), and that enables me to use 3 headphones simultaneously.
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