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  1. Icboschert

    WTB: Revel F206 or 208 (PAUSED)

    Pausing the search for now but feel free to message in the meantime if you have something. Thanks!
  2. Icboschert

    WTB: Revel F206 or 208 (PAUSED)

    If anybody is looking for sell, I'm interested. Upper midwest of U.S. a major plus
  3. Icboschert

    Revel PerformaBe F226Be Floorstanding Speaker Review

    @hardisj not to be the comparison guy but I imagine these floor standers throw a bigger wall of sound than the Selahs you reviewed? I'm trying out some NHT C3 speakers now crossed over to subs and I'm just not getting large scale sound like I've heard from a brief Revel F36 demo. Wondering if I...
  4. Icboschert

    Build of Carmody S2000

    Nice cabinet. Is that a gel stain?
  5. Icboschert

    Niles SI-2150 Class D Amplifier Review

    Think that's Europe only and 230 mains voltage. Good deal for those over there
  6. Icboschert

    FS: QSC GX3 2-Channel Amplifier

    How loud is the fan? Relative to the XLS
  7. Icboschert

    Selah Audio Purezza Review

    @Selah Audio what would you recommend for a center channel with this? A single Purezza or could there be a horizontal Purifi MTM that might not break the bank?
  8. Icboschert

    Selah Audio Purezza Review

    Think those are the Purifi reference kit instead of these Purezzas
  9. Icboschert

    anthem M1???
  10. Icboschert

    Revel sale

    Think they ship speakers?
  11. Icboschert

    Feedback on "quick review" process

    +1 for speed reviews on DACs if the dashboard looks good and clean. On speakers, I like to see the directivity graphs but could forego them.
  12. Icboschert

    Amazon So Called HD Music

    The limitations on the mobile side shouldn't detract from the excellent desktop experience I've had subjectively. Even if it's only CD quality on the mobile app, it's still way better than the 256/320kbps compressed files you typically get
  13. Icboschert

    Elac Debut Reference DBR-62 Speaker Review

    It's easy to watch these YouTube reviewers and take what they say seriously. Be cautious with most of them...
  14. Icboschert

    SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker Review

    @maty how many times do you think you can reference the Kef Q100 in forums? It's got to be dozens if not hundreds
  15. Icboschert

    Anthem MRX 520 HDMI issues

    I sent it in to get serviced under warranty. Apparently it was a bad solder joint...not sure where? Then not much later I had a right surround channel go bad. Sent it in again but instead of fixing it, they replaced the preamp board without validating the channel was fixed. So after it was...
  16. Icboschert

    8K vs 4K for a large computer monitor?

    Honest question, are OLEDs safe to use for monitors yet? Wouldn't want that task bar to burn in
  17. Icboschert

    Philharmonic BMR Speaker Review

    Higher Love is legit audiophile music!
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