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    need portable headphone dac/amp for android/laptop

    Issue solved, went for a ifi hip dac
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    Focal Clear vs DT1990, which one?

    I have only found this comparison so far and Im looking for more opinions between those two headphones. I can get the Focal Clear for 750€ and wonder if I should pull the trigger. My other pick would have been the Ananda, but the lack of comfort and built is unacceptable at this price segment.
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    Need help with going cheap on audio gear

    My current situation: Aune X1s -> SMSL SP200 -> DT1990 My goal: Go cheaper on DAC+AMP, without losing audible sound quality on the DT1990. Part 1/2: Go cheaper on dac. Current dac: Aune X1s (250€) Next planned dac: Hiresfi 5102 A (50€) Reason for my choice: My onboard audio dac isn't an...
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    How do you fix electrical interference from motherboard?

    Setup1: PC Motherboard -> Aune X1s -> SMSL SP200 -> DT1990 When I turn turn the volume knob of my amp all the way up I hear some strange eletrical noises. I then replaced my PC with my Laptop... Setup2: Laptop -> Aune X1s -> SMSL SP200 -> DT1990 Eletrical noises are gone now. How do I fix...
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    THD correlation between DAC - AMP - Headphone for consumer?

    Hello guys, I'm a newbie and a simple consumer and want to understand the practical meaning of the THD value for us. I did some research and found THD values across: DAC - AMP - Headphone and I wonder how to link these. For example: DAC: Pro-Ject DAC Box S: THD 0,005%...
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    Total noob - How much SINAD do you actually need?

    I need help choosing DAC/Amp, but I am confused with these SINAD charts. Let's say I would like to enjoy this file here: FLAC (1059 kb/s, 44.1 kHz, 16 bits, 2 channels). -> the file is in 16 bit resolution, so SINAD 96-108 dB would be appropriate? This is the chart: SINAD █ >120dB (>20 bits)...
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    Aune X1s <-> X7s Amp performance?

    Does someone know how the X1s compare to X7s in terms of sound quality of the amp? I only know that the output power of the X7s is a lot juicer than the X1s.
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