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    SMSL SU-9 Balanced DAC Review

    Keep reading, researching and pushing your own technical knowledge forward. For every hour I spend here. I spend two trying to figure it out! I'm still in the very flat part of the learning curve.
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    Naim Uniti Atom vs NAD M10

    As a former Naim devotee who has done level matched, but not blind comparisons. Naim units have a lot of gain early in the pot which makes it seem more powerful. At the same db level, up to a point, my unitiqute2 always sounded "fuller" than other class a/b or Class D amps I have. I believe...
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    Records Outsell CD !

    I do understand! The article I posted referenced cd and vinyl in light of the growth of streaming. It intrigues me that vinyl is winning the archaic physical media battle in the growing shadow of streaming and file downloads. I teach high school and younger kids look at cd players in...
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    Records Outsell CD !

    An interesting debate has been launched by what I only thought was a curiosity. Given two "archaic" physical mediums....the one that is harder and more expensive to get right is winning out /dying slower compared to CD which is empirically better (isn't it?). I do believe familiarity/ritual...
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    Records Outsell CD !

    Are we having a semantic issue here? I used archaic to describe records relative to cd. Archaic to me means an older/outdated/from history way of doing things. Don't most people think that about records, its the old way? Thinking about it, both are archaic(streaming the new thing) AND records...
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    Records Outsell CD !

    I understand your point. I've not bought a cd in years, except to replace ones I had already . I have a weird habit of giving books and music media I like to other people. I have been subscribing to Amazon for 5 months. Like, but dont love it. For 15 bucks a month i can hear almost anything I...
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    Records Outsell CD !

    You dont' stream cds either really do you? Does Amazon have millions of big Sony jukebox cd players that drop a disc when someone clicks for it at home????? It is interesting that as physical media declines people are clinging to the more archaic format. The emotional connection seems to trump...
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    Records Outsell CD !
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    Topping preamp

    Can we get a John Yang signature edition? Send one to Wolf or Amirm to test ! I'm buying it no matter what anyways......
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    High-end ($3000+) class-D amplifiers

    My ATI 542NC has been faultless. Its little brother measured pretty good here. I think retail is 3000/street price lower.
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    PS Audio Talking Smack About Amirm

    I breed and compete with treeing walkers. Hybrids and registered. Greyhound bred in now and again. Sold several to guys in southern wv back in the day. Guys would use hounds on track/hounds and mastiff/pits to finish. My dogs could finish on their own. Not too often that my hifi and...
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    Denon AVR-X6700H AVR Review (Updated)

    Only get speakers from large white vans in parking lots........ Does anyone think whathifi? Saw AmirM give updated version the nod and just threw 5 stars at it and wrote some blahs blahs blah.......also stereophile is quoting Toole now.....ASR is an influencer!
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    Topping preamp

    When will it be available?
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    Best SciFi movies

    Heavy Metal Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventur Little shop of Horror 2nd guardians of the galaxy Dune I'm trying to think of some that involve or connect to music!
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    Any motorcyclists on this forum?

    2001 honda cr250 ......piped/jetted/plus one 2002 Suzuki 400 quad.....beat to hell Dirt Rider Only
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    Review and Measurements of CHORD Qutest DAC

    My loose implication was that the prettiness of the form biased my perception of its function.
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    Review and Measurements of CHORD Qutest DAC

    Within the last year I used a 2qute, a generation before qutest. Which measures worse. I used it on coax out of Naim unitiqute2 and BS node 2i. Subjectively using my phone app to roughly level match. I thought I could tell a difference on both streamers with and without 2qute. Didnt compare...
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    Topping A90 Headphone Amplifier Review

    Pre would be used for my amp and speaker system! I have several Analog and digital sources......Got a freya, vintage mac and denon as well.......excited to see what JohnYang can come up with....
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    Topping A90 Headphone Amplifier Review

    When is the Pre90 coming?
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