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  1. hyperplanar

    Review, Measurements, and Questions: Porsche Macan Bose Audio

    Yes, I agree. I just picked up an M340i lease with the base Hi-Fi system (would have preferred the Harman Kardon but no cars on the lot had it and my prior lease was ending too soon to wait for a custom ordered car) and I think it's a lot better than the Macan's Bose system. The bass doesn't go...
  2. hyperplanar

    Review, Measurements, and Questions: Porsche Macan Bose Audio

    Nice review! I had a Macan S with the Bose system a few weeks ago as a loaner and your impressions match mine exactly. Exaggerated peaky bass with rolled off subbass, weirdly harsh, glaring, and unnatural lower treble, and a generally scooped sound. I’m curious as to whether you have any...
  3. hyperplanar

    Neumann KH80 DSP Monitor Measurements #3

    I don't think one can say for sure unless someone who's managed to blow a woofer or tweeter in their KH80 can chime in. However, these are built to take the abuse of studio use, where unexpectedly loud/uncompressed sounds often occur. Hence, I wouldn't expect damage to happen unless the logo is...
  4. hyperplanar

    Dynaudio LYD 5 Studio Monitor Review

    That PIR graph is surprisingly smooth! I think it’s worth setting the bass extension switch to -10 Hz and evaluating the speaker that way too. Deeper bass but with how much more distortion? Hmm...
  5. hyperplanar

    Preamp/DAC for active speakers?

    Thank you, I haven’t come across that thread before. I’m not seeing any viable candidates with unbalanced in, balanced out, and a remote control though... Maybe a budget DAC that has Bluetooth, two optical/coax inputs, balanced output and a remote control would do the trick, if anyone has any...
  6. hyperplanar

    Preamp/DAC for active speakers?

    Thanks but looking for something around 10% of the price of the Benchmark at max... :D the speaker setup is only $500 after all and the JBLs do an ADA conversion internally as well.
  7. hyperplanar

    Preamp/DAC for active speakers?

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for a preamp for active speakers. My friend will be getting LSR305s and the LSR310S sub for his living room. He wants to connect: TV audio (optical, adding a separate DAC for this is acceptable too) Turntable (has built-in phono preamp, so...
  8. hyperplanar

    Desktop Active Speaker Recommendations

    I have experience with both. Sorry to say this but they’re both hot garbage :( Pretty sure I’ve seen “b-stock” (actually usually new in box) Neumann KH80s on proaudiostar for 800 a pair. That falls into the very top of your budget correct? For all a desktop application’s considerations (size...
  9. hyperplanar

    Are subwoofers pretty much the same?

    The T10’s claimed frequency response extension to 20 Hz is complete bullshit. I bought one over the LSR310S only to find out it only went down to about 40 Hz in reality. This, combined with its high sensitivity, extremely finicky gain knob, and 12 dB/oct crossover made it almost useless for...
  10. hyperplanar

    Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor Review

    Wow, that's such a strong showing for these little monitors! The THD and especially the IMD graphs are adding an invaluable dimension to these recent reviews too! Thank you so much Amir for your work in this area. Now we just need a KH120 reviewed and this decade-long rivalry can be settled...
  11. hyperplanar

    Re-create harmonics and distortions in digital domain?

    If you’re looking for something that works in real-time, you can use iZotope Ozone Exciter. It’s a very popular VST plug-in used for music production, and has various modes such as tape/tube/triode/dual triode and multiband functionality. Load it up in any music player that supports VSTs and off...
  12. hyperplanar

    Neumann KH80 DSP Monitor Measurements #3

    Ah, I see. Different strokes for different folks, but nowadays I always try to at least take a glance at the manuals for whatever I buy. I've been burned too many times by assuming I could figure things out completely myself! :oops: If you end up measuring the KH120s, the reference axis is also...
  13. hyperplanar

    Neumann KH80 DSP Monitor Measurements #3

    Thank you for taking the time to measure this speaker (yet) again! I get why it may have felt like you were coming under fire over this whole saga, but honestly as an observer I think most people just wanted to resolve why such differences, however small, were occurring in the first place with...
  14. hyperplanar

    Stereo vs mono - what is the ideal frequency response?

    That’s a good point, I suppose that takes us into the psychoacoustical field a bit I guess. Considering the combination of room reflections and the brain’s processing the crosstalk cancellations might not be as pronounced as the plain steady state frequency response graphs would suggest. A third...
  15. hyperplanar

    Stereo vs mono - what is the ideal frequency response?

    If I may throw some conjecture into the pool, the effects of the interaural crosstalk on the frequency response is likely to have been compensated for in the mixing and mastering stages given that an equilateral triangle monitoring setup is pretty standard. So compensating for the peaks and dips...
  16. hyperplanar

    How to properly send audio from MacBook to external DAC

    24-bit/44.1 kHz. Sending 16-bit data over 24-bits does not alter it, and 44.1 kHz since most of your music will be in that sample rate unless you have a bunch of high-res files.
  17. hyperplanar

    Active Designs & Their Favorability

    If you’re skilled enough to repair a highly integrated surface mount PCB in the first place, surely removing a couple screws on the back panel of a studio monitor to get the board out won’t be a problem. ;) Unless you’re referring to the separate bring-your-own DAC/DSP/amps proposition, which...
  18. hyperplanar

    Active Designs & Their Favorability

    Not sure what the alternative would be. Bring your own amplifiers/DSP/crossover and have the manufacturer provide the driver sensitivity/crossover slopes/parametric EQ/limiter settings? I think that would turn away 99% of customers. Or provide an external box with the electronics? Some monitors...
  19. hyperplanar

    Focal Aria 906 Speaker Review

    I've never heard a Focal speaker before, but the performance of the speaker reviewed here certainly raised my level of respect for their designs. However, I'll chime in on the A7Xs as I had a few days' worth of experience mixing on them... Around 2010 to 2012, they were one of, if not the most...
  20. hyperplanar

    Neumann Subwoofer KH 750 DSP : DSP power for all analog Neumann monitors

    The shape of the frequency response looks correct but the graph appears mislabeled. If you go start from the 20 kHz label and go right to left you'll see 20 and 10 kHz are correctly labeled, but then 5 kHz and below are offset incorrectly. The leftmost label for frequency should be 10 Hz here...
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