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    Can an AI Learn Lip Reading? - YouTube (Two Minute Papers)

    Can An AI Generate Original Art? ‍ - YouTube
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    Prison tech

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    This AI Creates Beautiful Daytime Images ☀️ - YouTube

    A "fun topic," I suppose, but in the future we may never have much confidence that videos and photos are real, which presents problems with our current ways of understanding the world.
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    Star clocking and global master timing (iFi Audio)

    I was reading iFi's hip dac tech notes document and found certain terms interesting: What is meant by "star clocking" and "global master time" (GMT)? Why would it matter to audio? or if it doesn't...
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    PlayStation 5 audio capabilities

    Sony just gave a presentation on their new PlayStation 5 console coming out later this year and a segment at the end covered its new advances in audio technology (38:24): It gets into details about HRTF around 42:42, even mentioning the possibility of implementing user-specific HRTFs based on...
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    Nintendo sound comparison

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