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  1. Aubergine

    Wondering about pre amp clipping?

    First time user of a pre amp here with a couple questions mainly that i believe i can clip my pre amp i didn't even know this was possible Aint a pre amp suppose to output a maximum of 2 volts if its unbalanced? :rolleyes: So how can it clip then? I would say i can use about 70 percent max of...
  2. Aubergine

    Thoughts on the NuPrime HPA-9

    I decided to make a thread for a headphone amplifier that i recently purchased i might post some updates and information about it over time here and other people can chip in :) I decided to start by talking a little about power consumption One thing i almost always do is plug in anything i...
  3. Aubergine

    Wondering about purchasing a hybrid amplifier

    I recently discovered a hybrid amplifier called thda 500t v.2 made by a company called Taga Harmony costing about 315 dollars for that money it has a lot of features but i wonder if it just might be a bit to good to be true... i have never tried tubes before and thought it might be fun to...
  4. Aubergine

    unexplainable loud buzzing noise when using my Aune x1s?

    I have been scratching my head a lot lately trying to figure out what's " wrong" with my Aune x1s when plugging in a pair of headphones whenever i touch the volume control or anywhere on the case there is a loud buzzing noise i originally thought this might be some kind of grounding issue but...
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