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    For you MDs out there - Headphone triggering of BPPV event.. Possible? Likely?

    At 77, I have had a couple BPPV events. (Benign P? Positional Vertigo) . What is the likelihood these could be triggered by moderate SPL headphone listening? Loud SPL listening? Thanks for your opinions!
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    Planar Magnetic Headphones - MM vs. MC?

    Just curious.. We have both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil phono cartridges. But as far as I know, all planar magnetic phones I've looked at are always 'moving coil' i.e. a powered moving coil film against fixed magnets. Am I correct? Why not a magnetic vapor-deposited film moving against Fixed...
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    Topping D10 continually clicks and disconnects (SOLVED)

    Topping D10 connected to Fire 7 via powered OTG cable, downstream to Monoprice Liquid Spark. OTG cable powered with various Amazon USB ps.. D10 erratically disconnects, clicks, shows 3 dashes, 384.. Wiggle and disconnect cables, resets correctly to 16/44.1. For a few minutes. Cycle repeats...
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    Internal cellphone/tablet DAC vs. external...still very confused..

    Read everything I could find - still confused. Let's go with an example: the 2019 Fire 7" tablet - $30 on sale. Measure the 3.5mm output @ 60hz. 33 ohm load. Anemic. 0.16 v at full volume. Ok. No problem adding something like the NX 3 with my HE 400i. But should I go with a simple amp like the...
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