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    Need to know whether a DAC/amp will hiss with my sensitive IEMs—how to interpret Amir's measurements?

    I own 115 dB/mW sensitivity Andromeda IEMs and 94 dB/mW sensitivity Sundara headphones, so I'm searching for a reasonably-priced battery-powered portable DAC/amp with a ~1 ohm output impedance, respectable power output, and a noise floor low enough (-110 dBv is ideal according to what I've read)...
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    Review and Measurements of DACPort HD and Dragonfly Red

    Could you try comparing the two DACs' current draw levels under various loads and output levels? I'd be interested in learning how efficient the DACPort HD is for mobile usage, both when used with sensitive IEMs and with harder-to-drive headphones.
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