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    AP reports up for schiit power amps No where near as nice looking as the Benchmark, but I wasn't going to spend $3k on an...
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    performance per dollar... how to measure?

    Here's a picture of the ratio of SINAD/$ for all the DACs measured here with SINAD>100 (if you let the <100 ones in, then the dongles like the apple USB C dominate due to price). Obviously there are other factors in play with many of these comparisons, as some of these only have USB, some also...
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    Class A/AB vs Class D speaker amps

    Given the common bias against Class D in 2-channel audio, it would be interesting to see some comparisons between similarly priced Class AB and Class D power amps. Things like the Emotiva XPA series or the Red Dragon M500/M1000 come to mind. I currently have a pair of Schiit (gasp!) Vidars...
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