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    Edifier s 3000 pro...what u think?

    I have been eye balling these.....I don’t have them. I would like to know your opinion if you have them (or even if u dont have). There is youtube videos...sound is getting close to high end setups (in my ears at least) and the price is not. Also, if you have info about similar setups coming...
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    Tidal master quality wireless?

    So it seems that master quality Tidal is now on android and ios. Is it possible to stream that wirelesly from phone to dac? Maybe using this kind of receiver connected to dac....
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    Intrested about I2S format, worth it?

    Hi, So I have been reading about I2S. It seems to be superior to usb, spdiff etc.. How to do it? Pci-e i2s card to pc-hdmi cable to dac with i2s and thats it? Also, there is usb to i2s boxes, is this worse solution cause data goes thru usb first? Thank you.
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    What settings in win 10 sound device control panel for tidal mqa?

    Ookey, there you can choose 16bit or 24bit, then 44khz, 96khz and so on......does this even matter? I chose 24bit 96khz......i do software mqa in tidal cause my dac ain`thave it......smsl sanskrit i heard that tidal mqa original file is actually 24bit...
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