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    Binaural blind comparison test of 4 loudspeakers - II

    @ctrl Please don't close it on monday. I left my headphones at my job yesterday :)
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    Cone Tweeters

    Great tweeter CT62 with only one caveat. When ferro-fluid thickens up with time, it can not be removed or replaced.
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    Post Directiva r1 Passive Crossovers here

    @TimVG Don't sweat over parts count. If it is on the schematic, it does something good for the loudspeaker. Wait till i get to my computer and do a sim or two :)
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    Dutch & Dutch 8c Review

    @hardisj Will we ever see a Dutch & Dutch 8C waterfall/csd here ? Thanks
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    ASR Directiva Open Source Speaker Review

    @TimVG I'd like to see the impedance to be able to tell you if it is viable.
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    ASR Directiva Open Source Speaker Review

    I really like DXT tweeter very much - especially in Kii with low pass filter applied. If you hate DXT, use this:
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    Revel - Big Price Increase

    That is hardly an update of existing Salon system. Isn't Beolab 90 something of that sort ? As far as i remember, it can change directivity but i don't know if it can change directivity of low frequencies. EDIT: Found it, it can.
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    Which DIY speakers would you like to see reviewed?

    Send them to Erin or Amir when you finish :)
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    Revel - Big Price Increase

    I was thinking about this yesterday. I don't really see what they can do to really update them. Laws of acoustics didn't change. It still needs large roundovers so front baffle is the same. They could implement a newer waveguide and transducers with lower distortion and better power handling...
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    Revel - Big Price Increase

    If we say that coating needs to be done (black or white, who cares - i like black better) and performance is similar/equal... They've adopted 100% price increase for fancier finish and worse performing Be dome tweeter (mounted in a better waveguide, truth to be told) ? Makes no sense to me...
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    Revel - Big Price Increase

    No, it is not - and i have measurements to prove it. Revel Performa 228Be actually has higher...
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    Revel - Big Price Increase

    Revel increased the price of virtually everything. Don't forget that Revel F208 costed 5000$/pair and its successor Revel F228be costs 10.000$/pair. If that's not a price increase, i don't know what is. Compare that behaviour to Kef R11 price in regard to Kef R900 or LS50Meta to LS50.
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    Revel - Big Price Increase

    It all depends on what you can buy in that country for that amount of money. If you think that chinese products are cheap in Europe, what do you think they cost in mainland. Calling one of the most high tech countries with one of the most advanced nuclear and space programs a third world...
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    Binaural blind comparison test of 4 loudspeakers

    I haven't intended to sort them per preference. I just tossed few brands to get the fire going :)
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