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    Round-up of small, battery USB DAC/Amp/Bluetooth receiver devices

    BTR5 might measure better based on manufacturer stats, and is better as a standalone device since you can configure some settings like your EQ preset and device charging from the BTR5 itself. But I think as the Qudelix app gets developed further, and once that PEQ is enabled, it's going to be...
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    Bluetooth aptX HD from Windows 10 PC to Topping D50s

    I think unless your laptop says it specifically supports aptX HD, it just supports aptX. Regrettably, dongles are the way to go to guarantee aptX HD.
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    Round-up of small, battery USB DAC/Amp/Bluetooth receiver devices

    Doesn't look like this will be a measurement king if those -93 dB results are to be believed on those numbers. Got my Qudelix 5K in and subjectively, it sounds fine. Mostly got it to use aptX Adaptive from my phone, the app needs some of the promised features like PEQ and better documentation...
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    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    Just bought some AKG K371-BT the other day, came in today. Really impressed with the tuning. Wish the Bluetooth supported anything besides SBC/AAC but it doesn't sound that bad in SBC for casual listening. Weirdly, it uses mini-XLR4 so other AKG headphone cables aren't compatible. Otherwise...
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    Amazon Echo Link

    I love how we've had Amazon Music Ultra HD for a few months now, and the official Windows app doesn't support WASAPI output, Amazon's products only support 16/48 (resampling everything), everything I read about other streamers seems to indicate that support for just playing an album from your...
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    FS: Khadas Tone Board, Sabaj D4, Sabaj Da3, EarStudio ES100, and more

    US only, prices include shipping, photos available on request (I was u/wondroushippo on Reddit before deleting my account, there's some history of my sales still on there!) Khadas Tone Board ($65) - I just don't use it anymore since I got my Topping D50S, it's the version with the headers...
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    Review and Measurements of New Topping D50s DAC

    Got my D50S on Sunday, it works well. One issue is that for Bluetooth, aptX Low Latency doesn't seem to work, I can connect aptX HD and LDAC just fine though. Also, interestingly, USB and Bluetooth connections stay active even when another input is selected. I like that behavior for USB...
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    Review and Measurements of New Topping D50s DAC

    BTW, looks like there's a few available via Prime shipping if you want it fast. I put an order in yesterday, no shipment notice yet:
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    Review and Measurements of New Topping D50s DAC

    What kind of Bluetooth codecs does it support? Same as the DX3Pro, I'm guessing? aptX HD and aptX Low Latency? Hoping for the latter since it's so handy with watching TV and playing games.
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    Automatic optical audio switch

    I bought one of those switches earlier this year for use with my Khadas Tone Board. I really like it, there's no subjective changes to sound as far as I can tell. Your issue is going to be if your various sources turn off their signal when not active, though you can also manually select the...
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    Khadas or D30 (concerned with USB pc noise)

    Don't obsess too much about the numbers, you're talking about tiny differences at inaudible levels. So if the D30 seems better, go with that. Also it has a bit more input versatility.
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    Review and Measurements of Cambridge DacMagic Plus

    Thanks for measuring this! I have been curious to see how this one would perform. The SINAD is a bit lower than I’d like, but at least it has no major deficiencies. I do wish that it was on par measurement-wise with the KTB and SU-8 though!
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    Review and Measurements of Spectra X DAC & Amp

    Yeah, I think I'd like to see a USB-C female port on the dongle there, but I also get the appeal of having the cable built in too.
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    Review and Measurements of Spectra X DAC & Amp

    Yeah, seems like you're paying a bit extra for its functionality, but at least you get what you pay for. Also, it supports Nintendo Switch, which is handy. The built-in headphone output on the Switch has noise with sensitive IEMs.
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