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    Tinnitus? Impedance mismatch? SMSL SP200 + Beyer 1990 Pro

    i am a bit of a n00b. But i was reading about mismatching amps and headphones. My current setup is: PC source> USB Input DAC (SMSL M400) > balanced out > Balanced in SMSL SP200 > Beyerdynamic 1990 pros Currently i am suffering from tinnitus in my right ear, i heard that potentially i could...
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    SMSL M400 and SMSL SP200 a good combo?

    Nice set up dude, i like it! yeah i think usually most amps either send through one output or the other typically. But i guess i'll just have to try and see what happens. Unless someone can confirm both XLR / RCA transmit at the same time but it doesn't make as much sense as they are...
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    SMSL M400 and SMSL SP200 a good combo?

    Hey thanks for the reply dude, nice to hear someone has a similar setup to me. Would love to see your set up too! Thanks for the thumbs up on the desk and set up too. Just on answer 4) if i run XLR out of my DAC to Amp I presume if i turn my headphone amp off the XLR out will disable and the...
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    SMSL M400 and SMSL SP200 a good combo?

    Hello everyone, Firstly i'd like to say i am an avid reader of the forum but in no way an expert, in fact i am probably a n00b. now i've got that out the way here is my questions. Gear: SMSL SP200 (RCA In ) SMSL M400 (RCA out) (Optical in) Audio Engine D1 (superseded) Sebaj PHA-2 (superseded)...
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