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    Tube amp suggestions please

    Besides the Polks, you also mention a "300 - 400 price range" - in USD? Not sure a top Class D amp is at that price yet. The Adcom Sal posted is a great choice.
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    ASR Panthers

    Shouldn't there be a snarly panther, ripping apart some piece of gear?
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    Vintage vs New Turntable?

    Jeez - couldn't you get by with 7 tubas and a sousaphone on wheels?
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    Tube amp suggestions please

    following along with some of the posts above, I have to ask why you specifically want a tube amp? is it for the visuals?
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    Nice look, Hifi equipment

    what is that last one? it says new class A on it
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    Are we getting the emphasis wrong?

    just compare the different releases and see if some are suspicious and BTW, McD's has good frites
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    What is your favorite Cologne or Perfume?
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    ASI Sugar Cubes

    post a pic or description I doubt they do anything, but...
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    Show us your Cars

    back to BMW...
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    Are we getting the emphasis wrong?

    The biggest problem is with the mastering. No, the speakers/room is a bigger problem usually. I agree that mastering is a much larger problem than HiFi electronics, and I "do something" by looking for the best (reputedly) masters or editions I can find. We need to devote more attention to...
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    What do you Benchmark fans/users think?

    I like the looks, especially the proportionality, symmetry, visual flow, and synergy
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    UpTone Audio EtherREGEN Switch Review

    or got confused in physics class when studying the curl of EMF
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    UpTone Audio EtherREGEN Switch Review

    dunno, but it cannot help SQ...
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