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    Does your stereo system ever sound bad?

    mine sometimes sounds bad to the bone ---> source material and your mood are more likely to affect perceived SQ than many other things
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    "Things that cannot be measured"

    we can monitor your oxytocin levels when you look at it I'm no longer in touch with the "field endocrinology" crowd but it might be possible to monitor it in near real time, and non-invasively
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    Vibrational Effects on Digital Audio

    There is a lot of discussion in the audiophile press and forums about how vibrations (say from a cooling fan for a PC) can affect the SQ from a DAC. I thought this might be a fertile ground for discussion, so here it is...
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    Here's a good one: "when connecting a PC directly to a DAC, as both server/core and streamer, then the higher powered PC will generally sound better than a lower powered one. The exception to this is where a PC is used as the server/core and audio is streamed via ethernet to a DAC. In this...
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    AudioScienceReview discussion on AS.

    You should certainly do a double or single blinded listening test with matched levels using a multi-meter. Women often love to see guys unable to determine such things, and that can be used to recruit a helper. You may not find a preference. If you do, then buy that one.
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    One crook helping the other (Fremer helping Paul sell his snake oil power regenerators)

    I wonder if a good real estate shill could convince apt. renters or condo buyers to go for "clean" fidelity buildings. Instead of rent controlled, it could be voltage controlled. Might work in NYC or maybe SF.
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    Understanding FFT in Audio Measurements

    Yes, I like these kinds of technical tutorials. Also, I predict an anti- thread will be started at Audiophool Stylism about this.
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    How good is your hearing?

    I can hear the scream of the butterfly; until the end...
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    "Things that cannot be measured"

    Certain things are not often measured. And that, not ability to measure, is the real issue. An example in audio would be the spectrum of distortion products, which are often subsumed under THD. What about even vs. odd? And what about crossover distortion? How much of that can we hear -...
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    sure ... natural silk but is the silk organic?? also, how were the silk worms treated? are they happy? cage-free? I'd send Colin the Chicken over there to check on their welfare, but he might eat them.
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    AudioScienceReview discussion on AS.

    Use the scores to generate a short list. 2nd, do an "objective" listening test - that means use matched levels and blind testing to ensure that your subjective assessment is base don what you hear with your ears, not what you see 3rd, pick something with good ergonomics and that you like the...
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    Show us your Cars

    needs a tweeter at the base of the A pillar
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    AudioScienceReview discussion on AS.

    What's hilarious is that Chris Con. disagrees with someone and tells them "Please stick to the facts. Objective data rather than anecdotes." An amazing display of hypocrisy.
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    Control Functionality in Preamplifiers

    The Design of Everyday Things: Revised and Expanded Edition Paperback – Illustrated, November 5, 2013 by Don Norman (Author) pre-amp designers should read the above book
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    Movies with great music in them?

    I was thinking of all the Fellini films...
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