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    Poll: Where are you guys from?

    North America (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
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    Looking for a portable (or semi portable) stereo with music memory

    I am looking for a portable (boom box) or a small stereo that has built in speakers that can easily be carried. The unit should have pretty good fidelity. The big feature is that the device must be capable of reading/downloading the music from a thumb drive, or have a self contained memory. Does...
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    An inside look at a $2,200 pair of custom headphones

    Short article from Popular Science "Normal earbuds have just one, sometimes two speakers on each side. But those micromachines must handle a wide range of sounds, from Mariah Carey’s high register to Barry White’s silky bass, so they struggle to faithfully reproduce all the right acoustic...
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    For those who dont have a block head: Pad for the Nads

    Love it..... Probably not fair :), but I love it!
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    These are the proper ways to wire your house....

    For use during power failures? or maybe the cables block out the light :facepalm:
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    Why do people associate High End audio with snake-oil?

    @svart-hvitt Did you use the STOPLIGHT Pen before or after using your BEDINI - QUADRI-BEAM ULTRA CLARIFIER? ;)
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    USB Audio Interface

    The L.K.S Audio USB-100 USB Audio Interface ( ) appears to have one input (USB) and three outputs coax, I2S-e (ethernet??) and I2S-h (HDMI??). Does it make any realistic difference which format is used to...
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    USB Audio Interface

    I am confused (nothing new) as to what this device is used for (brand name is irrelevant): L.K.S Audio USB-100 USB Audio Interface. Is it only used for recording to a computer via USB or can it be used for taking music from a computer to an amplifier? Thanks
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    Corrective headphones for your ears (like corrective lenses for the eyes)? Others apparently have similar products: Although none of the major players in the personal audio industry has taken this approach to individualizing headphone sound, Even does face some competition from another...
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    On Peer Reviewed Science

    Regarding the article posted by @Wombat: I have a science background (Chemistry) and I found the article to be basically accurate. All sources of knowledge should be received with a certain amount of skepticism. Peer review is just one more "filter" that tells the reader that the article has...
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    What's with all the spam threads?

    Just a curiosity question: The spam I have seen here is so far off topic as to be useless (ie there is no political message, no sales pitch, no request for action, etc.), what do the spammers get out of it? Just bragging rights or the pleasure of disrupting the lives of others?
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    Objectivists vs. Subjectivists, one more time

    Actually, it appears I was not very clear... sometimes I shoot from the hip and miss the target. In the below quoted article there is a YouTube from Floyd Toole referenced. I considered what Floyd said to be an important part of the article. I should have asked your response concerning the...
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    Objectivists vs. Subjectivists, one more time

    @Blumlein 88 -- As you have a recording background, I would appreciate your perspective of the above: Thanks
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    40 Hz and Football related traumatic brain injuries

    Just an article that has probably no nexus to audio science, that describes how "Traumatic brain injuries could be caused by low-frequency [40 Hz] vibrations" Physics World...
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    Card carrying objectivists

    Not exactly.... There are some conditions. Probably doesn't apply to politics and emotional responses. See: Four elements required to form a wise crowd[edit] Not all crowds (groups) are wise. Consider, for example, mobs or crazed investors in...
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