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    Stax SRM-Xh Review (Electrostatic Headphone Amp)

    I am thinking about buying a NAD m28 power amp and reading your comment I thought: does it really make sense to add this external amp to my Denon x6500 AVR, as the gain in loudness will roughly be the same 4 dB? How would you decide whether you need these extra 4 dBs or not? Thanks!
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    NAD M28 Seven Channel Power Amplifier Review

    Any progress on this? looking forward to buying a good multi-channel amp, yours is the one I’d buy if it measures better than NAD’s M28
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    Dual SVS SB-3000 or Dual PSA S1512 ?

    Great! Hope that some REL subs (most interested in S510/S812) will be finally tested too!
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    Dan Clark Stealth Review (State of the Art Headphone)

    After seeing this review my first reaction was that I need to buy these, but then I thought a little bit more and realized that maybe I shouldn’t. Like most people I have zero patience and inclination to _sit_ and listen to music. I put on headphones when I walk. If I were listening from laptop...
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    Dan Clark Stealth Review (State of the Art Headphone)

    Sure the price is ridiculous for the average consumer but if it’s the best there is why should it be ridiculous for someone who bothered to leave 7K+ comments in an audio forum?
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    Youtube is running ads against my channel :(

    Google is good. You are good. I too am good because I am subscribed to YouTube premium and do not see any ads on YouTube. As for those without YouTube premium - it’s their choice to see ads, you have to pay Google and content creators for their work one way or another.
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    Revel F208 Tower Speaker Review

    I am pretty sure that M106 sounded better with a higher crossover with my REL subs, but f208 are better with crossover set to 80 or 60 Hz. Now I have f208s both front and back.
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    Audiophiliac gives Audio Science Review channel a plug

    Do you have “YouTube Premium” service from Google in the US? We have it in Russia and for ~$5/month all advertisements are removed from all videos. I cringe every time I have to watch YouTube on someone else’s device when they don’t have this subscription. Creators still receive money from...
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    Genelec 8351B Review (Studio Monitor)

    Would be interesting to see the distortion graphs...
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    Revel F208 Tower Speaker Review

    After I changed my speakers from B&W floorstanders to Revel M106 bookshelves and my small REL T7i sub for a pair of REL S510 I experimented with crossover and was surprised to find that 200 Hz is the best, especially in movies at high volume. I have f208 as surround speakers (strange setup, I...
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    Revel F208 Tower Speaker Review

    Hi Don, Does it mean that if I offload all bass say below 200 Hz to subwoofers (via AVR's internal crossover) the dynamic range that my amplifier can produce will likely increase? Thanks!
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    Amplifier Power: How much do you really need and your system’s dynamic range.

    What about bi-amping? Can it improve the dynamic range / amplifier headroom for a given listening volume? What about bi-amping without removing connectors between two pairs of terminals on speakers? Thanks!
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    SMSL SH-8S Review (headphone amplifier)

    Please try spending more time on products promising this level of performance. It will surely make your life much easier (no need to argue with diehards whether this or that slight imperfection is audible / significant / relevant etc), and it is ultimately the kind of product reviews we the...
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    StormAudio ISP 16 MK2 Review (AV Processor)

    Chief, what are you currently using in your home theatre if not an AV processor? Is it AVR?
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