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    NORDOST TYR 2 Review (Coax Cable)

    Rolex has a better resale value, though. :p
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    NORDOST TYR 2 Review (Coax Cable)

    The value of this one is incredibly poor, but if you got it for free it would be a fine cable, so I voted in between at "not terrible".
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    CHORD M-Scaler Review (Upsampler)

    I don't understand this product, its target audience and its inner workings, so I refrain from voting. Nice blinky box, though.
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    Swan Hivi X3 Review (Active Monitors)

    "Eggelec" just rolls off the tongue. Try it. :p
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    ASR makes me go back to other expensive hobbies ...

    After I finished my ASR-quest and had my audio where I wanted it to be, I drifted back into knives. Oops. I never stopped buying watches and spamming Watchuseek, though. :p The problem is that I can't just buy anything like a normal person. I have to obsess and dive head first into the nerdiest...
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    Headphones that are fun and forgiving?

    You just described the Koss Portapro to me. :p I own a lot of headphones, but throw on the cheap Koss if I want something that smoothes over the rough edges. It's also very comfortable, light and low profile. Just an inoffensive little thing.
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    < €50 IEM with similar shell as KZ DQ6

    Have you tried Comply foam tips on your Chu?
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    < €50 IEM with similar shell as KZ DQ6

    Are you using a Quest? Because the Koss Portapro mod for the Quest is great! You can order a cheap 3dprinted adapter from Etsy, or grab an STL file from Thingiverse and have it printed locally. You then attach the Portapro or KSC75 drivers from a Koss headphone. Sounds great! I personally don't...
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    < €50 IEM with similar shell as KZ DQ6

    Not the same housing, but they will definitely stay in your ears: have you considered Etymotic?
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    Poll for Topping PA5 owners only please.

    It's more a matter of expectations-management, I think. Amir's reviews aren't covering the whole product, but only a part of it. Which is perfectly fine, btw. I think some people mistake the reviews for something they aren't. Ideally you'd combine Amir's measurements with other people's reviews...
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    Poll for Topping PA5 owners only please.

    It is not Amir's job to do so. ASR reviews are about measurable performance only. I do think a proper general disclaimer is in order, though.
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    Best Horror movies

    From the same director, both "Resolution" and "Spring" are excellent too. "Resolution" especially. Super creative meta-horror.
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    Nectar Hive Review (Electrostatic Headphones)

    Well, he does have a whole page dedicated to which amplifiers are most suitable. There's no warning on the product page itself, though.
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    Parts Express Copperhead Desktop Full-Range Speaker build

    Well, building them sure looks wholesome.
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    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    I don't need them, but that's a really good and tempting deal. Even cheaper than second hand!
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