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    Klipsch The Three Review (Powered Speaker)

    Well, the strange thing is that it works flawlessly with two other, stand-alone DACs that I have, as did my previous phone. All I get is a sort of low volume digital sounding static sound. I mostly use the USB Audio Player PRO app for playback which has specific drivers which work otherwise with...
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    Klipsch The Three Review (Powered Speaker)

    Yes I do use an OTG connector, you probably need a connector too for Apple phones.
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    Klipsch The Three Review (Powered Speaker)

    Are there any good sounding boomboxes out there ? Is there still a big market for such products ? I used to love my radio cassette boombox as a teenager. My teenager is content with phone and airpods. I have this little practice guitar amp, boombox sized, the Yamaha THR...
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    Why does Cannabis make music sound way more detailed and hundreds of times more enjoyable?

    The story of how drugs became a mass commodity is in itself a bit interesting. Is widespread drug availability really a coincidence? I can't think of a better tool for social control. Self-inflicted slavery.
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    Why does Cannabis make music sound way more detailed and hundreds of times more enjoyable?

    Thanks, you just kinda made my point, didn't you? A word of advice, if you were testy, paranoid, stupid and judgmental in the first place, cannabis is certainly not going to improve your condition;)
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    Cooking on Stove Top vs Barbeque Grill?

    I find steaks to be way easier to cook via BBQ than in the kitchen - with results invariably great. The few times I ve used the oven as recommended by chef Alice Walters (brown in the pan then finish in the oven) the results have been promising, much better moisture retention than the exclusive...
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    Why does Cannabis make music sound way more detailed and hundreds of times more enjoyable?

    It sucks objectively and subjectively. I've seen too many people destroy their lives and futures, and that of others w/ cannabis.
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    Schiit IEMagni Review (Headphone Amplifier)

    Regardless of the impact ASR had or not (I remember the train wrecks that the initial reviews were a few years ago), kudos to them for changing course in that way. Not any company or everybody is able to do that. It takes guts and a clear head.
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    Pics of mega-expensive equipment in horrible rooms

    Miette... I love it, what a great name for a pet.
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    Hello from France !

    I grew up in the same area, in the town of Bougival, whose main claim to fame are the impressionist paintings that were made near the banks of the Seine river.
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    Repentant subjectivist

    There's no way I could afford a $250,000 system but would never do it even if I could. Pound crazy, indeed.
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    Repentant subjectivist

    Yeah but at least tinkering with EQ doesn't cost money. If one has to buy software, I don't believe there is a difference in sound between a $30 and a $300 piece of software, just the latter is going to be suited to a wider range of pro uses. I also find EQing to be tough. I also use...
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    Repentant subjectivist

    Well, in my case I can't say money wasn't a consideration, not because I'm poor, but because I have a wife and two children and we maintain a budget. How could I justify sumptuous expenses on audio gear over the many needs of my family? Would someone have to skip tennis lessons or the family not...
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    (Audiophile) americana and country music? Who likes it? Recommendations?

    Great thread idea. I suffer from the same attraction. Lucinda's Car Wheels on a Gravel Road is an album I've loved for years. Lately I've been intrigued by Willy Nelson and Josh Turner, both superstars in their own right. In bluegrass there's some highly talented new blood, people like Chris...
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    Help me act rationally about headphones

    Tough question which only you can answer as the headphones you own likely already give you good to excellent fidelity. I used to be "into" IEMs as I used to commute by train (back when that was a thing we did). I never spent over $130 and was never pleased with the sound or quality (RHA, Fiio...
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