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    Monitor Audio Platinum 3G

    I found the Platinum Is somewhat ear-bleeding (particularly the PL100s) but the IIs are an improvement.
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    A probably stupid question about orchestral strings.

    DG recordings are not particularly stellar in terms of sound quality, and at a time they used more mics than the orchestra had players and placed them too close to the sound sources. That said, lesser electronics (DAC, amplifiers) will sound "brighter" and "screechier" or "harsh". I'd love to...
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    Sound stage depth?

    I find that the instrument separation one gets from 2-channel vs mono helps with both melody and tonality, and not just the creation of an illusion of phantom sources (playing) between the speakers. I can't say if multi-channel stereo improves on that because I have never experienced a decent...
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    Sound stage depth?

    If by "real thing" you mean the original soundfield, it would require a lot more than 7 or even 24 channels for both recording and playback (1-channel = 1-mic = speaker). But only classical listeners would wan't the real thing. Studio mixes are a fabrication, if they're properly mixed for 2...
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    Vinyl will always sound *different* than digital, right?

    It's vinyl's intrinsic technical limitations that set out the mastering requirements.
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    Speakers deconstructed

    Maybe because you're more interested in cabinets? A cabinet is just furniture in the end, it's the driver that tasnduces the electrical signal into sound.
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    Speakers deconstructed
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    Sound stage depth?

    A studio mix is the audio equivalent of a collage or composite image:
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    Neumann KH150

    I would be interested in seeing measurements of the partnering (on-board) electronics.
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    Some comments from Floyd Toole about room curve targets, room EQ and more

    Whatever it is it needs to be defeatable by the user.
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    Some comments from Floyd Toole about room curve targets, room EQ and more

    I would rather have a dynamic compression circuit in all digital playback equipment including car stereos, it could even come "on" as default. This would be an easy way to end the "loudness wars". More than frequency response "countor" I find that a lot of gear could do with lower distortion /...
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    Some comments from Floyd Toole about room curve targets, room EQ and more

    It would have to be very clever. Image, for example in a symphony, a brash and loud Allegro con gusto first movement followed by a very soft and dynamically-flat Adagio. How would the variable-loudness code recognise that no change in gain or QE should be applied to the Adagio? Maybe it should...
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    Sound stage depth?

    I have never mixed anything in my life but my bet is relative level, delay and reverb.
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    ATC speakers / Monitors

    For monitoring on-axis should be flat anchoical. Bass smoothness at the listening spot (if that's what you mean by LP) is necessary but depends more on the room than on the speakers. For domestic, it depends on who you ask. Many people seem to enjoy slightly exaggerated treble, others...
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