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    TRUTHEAR conversation to TWS!

    After more time spent, it does seem problematic to find an amp suited for Zero in TWS form. However, I see no big company (Samsung and such) advertising their FR, which did not bow well for me in the past. Another alternative is Anker. If ai understand correctly, they have an interesting...
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    TRUTHEAR conversation to TWS!

    Any Fiio in particular? Can you refer me to any FR charts for AKG or the Samsung?
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    TRUTHEAR conversation to TWS!

    As it costs 2-3.5 times the other options, it should get the love you mentioned. It quotes some specs as 47mv at 16 ohm, which is not the standard, unfortunately. However, even that, is far from being exhaustive data. TRUTHEAR needs 76mv for 93db, so that figure is not truly helpful.
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    TRUTHEAR conversation to TWS!

    Hey all, After recently entering the IEM market with Moondrop Chu and TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero, I want to give the latter as gift, as a TWS IEM. Hence, I'm looking for a TWS HP Bluetooth amplifier. It seems to me that there are not many such amps (a few links below). I Have 3 objectives...
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    SMSL SU-10 DAC Review

    At this price point, I would only go for a dac that can perform as to of the line preamp, requiring better IMD, but still looks like a good dac...
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    Diatone p610 DIY build

    Thanks! Started a conversation.
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    Just fired up my first ever Hifi set-up. It's OK?

    I doubt the pre90 is adding audible noise or distortion, tho not impossible. To my limited understanding, such an impression as you describe is definitely possible with the "right" hills and valleys in the frequency response. I'd recommend either play more with placement or go straight to a dsp...
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    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    As an Android user who's unfamiliar with Wavelet, is it really delicate enough to allow imitating different IEMs?
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    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    Thanks for the review, they definitely are enticing to try. Would you say your only reservation, compared to any other IEM is that distortion on very high levels?
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    Advice: Wharfadale Linton vs Revel 106 vs Revel F35

    As many around here, I own the M106. Can't compare it to the f36, but they are really fantastic speakers (when used with a sub). It's hard to see them disappoint you.
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    How much does your main stereo system cost?

    List value and "paid for" are very different things, as many buy 2nd hand.
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    Topping DX7 Pro+ Review (DAC & HP Amp)

    The real appeal in my eyes is that this level of IMD nullifies the need for a preamp.
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    Aiyima A07 vs. A08

    Also contemplating the a08, after owning the 07. I'm considering it versus the new smsl offerings.
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    Which speaker would you like to be reviewed? (community interest thread)

    Wharfedale evo 4.2. Many of the 4.1 problems might be solved in the 3 way design. Also interesting to see how their dome mid perform.
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    New SMSL A300 BTL Class-d Power Amp

    Do you know how it compares to aiyima 07 in power? The stated numbers seem a bit off by the thd chart, as it shoots up after about have of the spec wattage. Does Amir plan to review it?
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