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    RTJ Audio -RTJ 410

    I think you could easy say very short on every data.;) Or maybe iam to stupid to find some? The only data i can find is that product information, and thats nearly nothing.
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    RTJ Audio -RTJ 410

    If this speaker is the same competend build as the 'competent' information on there web about it. I would be very, very sceptical about it.
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    RTJ Audio -RTJ 410

    Right they are more Midbass drivers. ;)
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    Tube-based video display

    And much less edgy. Look at that 8 isnt it beautyfull? ;)
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    The wait is over: Genelec 8381A point source main monitor has arrived

    6kW? But only in mono. You need a crane and a nuclear power station near you. ;)
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    Change FR regression line slope with crossover?

    Best to ask @Rick Sykora. He should know the speaker. Maybe he is willing to work a solve for your problem out?
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    Looking to build a small PA systems for parties

    If i get you right you are willing to spend 4.5k for a party pa??
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    AI machines hallucinating

    Isnt there the DAN mode?
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    Compact audio set up active vs passive

    Clinical? You mean linear sounding? Thats not a proplem you can add as many spice you want with a eq.
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    Is Amateur Piano Recording This Hard?

    You are my hero. With all that great knowledge in the reproduction side, now you step into producing side. Learning Piano is hard. To hard for me. But it gave me a very different point of view than i had before. But i also think to get the neurons steer that slow clumpy fingers the right way...
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    Cheap class D amps. Andrew Robinsons take.

    You are right rms power should not be given at 1khz. It should be measured from 20-20khz and then the lowest number should be given. Yes its a complex proplem thats why you better not open that cans of worms called peak power. If you like to relay on something than stay in peaks under your rms...
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    Cheap class D amps. Andrew Robinsons take.

    Its called rms power. Its just if you like to sell a amp with a cheap psu for a high price you can use what ever peak power you like.
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    Cheap class D amps. Andrew Robinsons take.

    Then give me two powers, clear is rms out can never be more than rms in at least if you not inventet the perpetum mobile. How ever you measure peaks, you have to descripe that peaks. What makes something like 200W complety useless couse you had to add, for 1nS or 1ms or 20mS. If not then we are...
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    Cheap class D amps. Andrew Robinsons take.

    He knows that the governments and there physicist lie at us. We dont need more power plants. We just have to buy some cheap power amps. And we can quadruple the power of the power stations easy. ;) Buuuut we should not support that crazy power claims of some manufactures. Yes give them a...
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