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    Schiit Asgard 3 Headphone Amp & DAC

    Agreed. Even better, since I assuming it has to power the DAC daughtercard, why next give it a 5V DC (USB) output jack. in the RCA daughtercard.
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    Denon AVR-X4700H 2020 AVR Review

    Some of us care and some of us have neither the physical room or resources to devote to multiple systems. And if Toyota's marketing drivel said that their new Camry "better in every way", but was actually albeit imperceptibly slower you'd be a bit annoyed with them. If you have no interest in...
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    ANIME.. Anyone?

    Sodate-kata (How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend) really surprised me and I quite enjoyed it. However, it has so many inside jokes that it's not going to work very well for somebody that doesn't know all the anime cliches. I'm still amazed by the Monogatari popularity. I quite enjoyed it, but...
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    The US electrical system is not 120V

    Japan's incompatible power grids To get back to your question, Japan’s bifurcated power system is a holdover from the 19th century, when early power ventures were small in scale and highly localized. In Tokyo, entrepreneurs who were already providing electric lighting in a limited area, using...
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    The US electrical system is not 120V

    I have a short commute and no issues with the 40A rate. I think that's why Tesla figured 48A is fine. However, and a big however, in cold climates range drastically decreases AND you need to heat the batteries to charge. So on a 20F day I can pump initially 8kW of just heat into the batteries...
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    The US electrical system is not 120V

    Take two Tesla Model 3 and Y at 240v and 48 amps each add in AC in a warm climate at something like 40A x three or even more units. Older Tesla model S could charge at 80A! Although Tesla learned this was overkill and I believe all the new models are now 48A as well. I have a detached garage...
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    The US electrical system is not 120V

    He's trying to explain that residences in the US have the ability to get more than 120V. Many people that don't live here weren't aware of that. Standard residential services is split phase 200A. In the "Mc Mansions" it's not uncommon to have two panels and 400A.
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    The US electrical system is not 120V

    You can get three phases in the US too, usually only done at commercial installations. Standard residential is split phase.
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    The US electrical system is not 120V

    I've watched some of his other videos. If you understand the way the grid works it's nothing new. But his videos aren't what I would call "click-bait". He takes technology and explains it in conversational way to people that may not be EEs.
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    The US electrical system is not 120V

    Does the UK supply both phases to a residential service?
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    ANIME.. Anyone?

    Lot's of promise, A-list voice actor talent and a well known director, but a big disappointment for me.
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    PS Audio Noise Harvester AC Cleaner Review

    You need to be able to tell when your audio gear is pulling 9kW. (Cheap Amazon voltage and current meter in a homemade housing for my EV charging outlet...)
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    JDS Labs Atom DAC Review

    Part of the reason I like JDS. I have a Subjective 3 EQ and asked the same question when I was running it with my O2. John replied with the same issue when I sent him an email with this same question. They are responsive and care about their customers. My current stack is a hodgepodge, but...
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    Vantec NBA-200U USB External 7.1 Channel Audio Adapter

    I figured I'd post a brief review on the Vantec NBA-200U USB External 7.1 Channel Audio Adapter. I used to use a 2 input KVM to toggle between my gaming PC and my everyday personal machine. Right now my company has all of its employees working from home so I needed a way to add my company...
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