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    "Listening to headphones over YouTube...? Hahaha!"

    A imho poor reply though to @oluvsgadgets as his main two arguments of using the Mini-DSP without EQ and the end user listening without defined reference don't hold true for him, as Oluv was always EQing/compensating the response of his recordings and giving recommendations with which headphones...
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    Neumann kh 310 + hk 750 vs kh 420

    True, just as an excuse, the linked CEA2034 data were posted half a year later after I posted that original post. Depends on the listening distance and reverberation of the room, the PIR uses an assumption for both, for example when sitting closer to the loudspeaker or dried room the response...
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    Dynaudio Heritage Special

    Doesn't really surprise me personally, if someone spends $6000 for a pair of retro marketed compact passive loudspeakers then the chance that he also likes vinyl are not small. Would be rather surprised if I would see 3 last Neumann or Genelec systems posted in ASR with TTs :D
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    High Sensitivity Speakers

    Please be aware that the loudspeaker measurements of are in room without windowing, so have only limited informative value.
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    Is it correct to correct the dip at crossover?

    Correct, the B&W presence dip on their after 2000 loudspeakers is a part of their characteristic euphonic voicing, if someone doesn't like it he is usually better off with different loudspeakers as just flilling it with a PEQ can make it sound worse due to the directivity jump.
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    "Things that cannot be measured"

    Of course, but first it has to be proven if its audible as we can measure magnitude orders finer differences than we can hear, so the opposite direction that anything that measures differently is going to be also audible isn't true.
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    "Things that cannot be measured"

    Many parts don't really change measurably the output as they are inside the feedback loop(s) and even if so, for audibility it simply doesn't matter if THD is 0.0026 or 0.0027%. But also the biggest problem/question remains, how exactly do you change the measurements to get better "musicality".
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    "Things that cannot be measured"

    By the way, about the marketing fun fact about audio electronic engineers doing their "voicing" by listening. One of the world best best studio electronics engineer gave an interview from which I electronically translated a part below: Friedemann Kootz: Your developments are really planned...
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    "Things that cannot be measured"

    First of all, what strikes me in such marketing videos is that they usually don't tell with which exact technical changes they try to implement such buzzword changes like "musicality". ;) Secondly, before luxuries like discussing in which direction the sound changes, I would like to see first...
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    "Listening to headphones over YouTube...? Hahaha!"

    @markanini and @brian_h_kim, as it has been said, the perceived tonality of headphones unfortunately depends also on the individual ear geometries and corresponding transfer functions so it doesn't make sense to tell that the other is hearing wrongly as you could be both right.
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    KRK ROKIT 5 Gen 4 Review (Studio Monitor)

    Mind you just the total level (even if its psychoacoustically normalised at dBA) doesn't tell enough about which someone will find more annoying as that depends also strongly on the spectrum of the noise.
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    Does your stereo system ever sound bad?

    Its not only you, happens to me all the time and seems to depend on stress, tiredness and previous listening levels. This question comes often up also in audiophool forums and the typical answer is that its result of "dirty AC" at some times of day and week and you need snakeoil products to...
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    Worst measuring loudspeaker?

    What a mess, but weirdly the vertical directivity is much smoother despite the tweeter array, so one could still turn them to side. :p
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    "Listening to headphones over YouTube...? Hahaha!"

    I never said that the Revel was the limitation but first deforming its neutral direct sound by EQing to a flat LP FR and second using just 2 fixed shelving filters which cannot possibly fully correct or map any possible desired target. Because as said for example you argue in the AES paper that...
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    Genelec 8050B Review (Studio Monitor)

    Also irrespective of IMD a fantastic 3" mid dome like the Neumann one is much cleaner than any midwoofer where it counts most, namely the mids.
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