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    SMSL SU-9 Balanced DAC Review

    I am always surprised by the unenthusiastic response SMSL gear tends to receive regardless of measures performance. It seems Topping, Matrix, Octo, and others get a much warmer reception.
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    What can I do to minimize electromagnetic radiation from power amplifiers?

    Sorry if that came across poorly, it was intended as a joke.
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    S.M.S.L DP5 HiFi Network Music Player

    Full size USB B for usb output? This seems very strange and very inconvenient. It not only goes against convention, it almost guarantees the need to buy dedicated cables for almost any use case. Why not swap the type A input and type B output to be more in line with conventional implementations?
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    Elac Uni-fi 2.0 announced

    The UB5 for $300 is annoying tempting. I just picked up a pair of Studio 530s for $279 (refurb). Wonder how those compare at such a similar price. I’m running out of places to put speakers, so at least that reduces the temptation (gotta find a low profile solution for the wife so she can get...
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    What can I do to minimize electromagnetic radiation from power amplifiers?

    In my experience, most houses don’t have navigation or combat systems, ymmv of course.
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    Question about Adam Audio

    I’ve been using my A7x’s since 2016 and I’ve never had that impression of them. I don’t know how they measure, but part of me is curious, and I find them fantastic for musical reproduction. They have a surprising amount of punch in the bass, fantastic high end, and some crazy imaging compared to...
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    Was that a blind abx test, or was it sighted? ;)
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    Powerline network interference noise

    I had track lighting that would induce a noticeable hum in my powered monitors. After posting a similar inquiry as OP to this site, I got a similar suggestion. After connecting the speaker to a UPS that was unplugged from the mains, the noise remained. Clearly it was an RF issue and I just...
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    Surge suppressors: Are SurgeX units the best available?

    I’m quite happy with my Furman PST-8D. They are a reputable company, and the biggest thing for me above a whole house unit is that it has non-destructive over-volt protection at something like 136v. This has only tripped once for me, but I was glad it did. Luckily, my internet is fiber (FiOS)...
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    Selah Integrity DIY Speaker Kit Review

    Seems like a rather nasty thing to do as an artist or mixing engineer. Given the prevalence of streaming services and devices, many without the option to apply a subsonic filter or per channel crossover, including this sort of artifact almost feels malicious.
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    Good way to stream Amazon Music HD to DAC

    When I cast to play-fi through the amazon app it shows up to 24/96 on the app itself, not sure what the amp is seeing.
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    Good way to stream Amazon Music HD to DAC

    I can cast to my Klipsch PowerGate, but the setup was very convoluted. I had to set up Alexa on my phone, install an add-on for Alexa, and register my streaming endpoint with my amazon account. Compared to Spotify connect, it’s a much worse experience. The overall quality of the app also seems...
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    Amazon So Called HD Music

    I have no complaints about the quality of the stream, HD/UHD do seem slightly better than Spotify premium. Their app on the other hand is really poor. It’s bad enough that I may not continue my subscription after the free trial period is over. I did manage to get it working with my Klipsch...
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    DBX Driverack Venu 360 - initial impressions

    I’ve been interested in these loudspeaker management systems for a while. I almost pulled the trigger on a great bundle deal for the PA2 and measurement mic a few months ago, but I was just closing on my new house and didn’t want to over extend my resources (I slightly regret this). It sounds...
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    Building HEOS-proof music collection

    Seems like that superficially, but as someone who does ingest and ETL on a lot of unstructured data, it’s a rabbit hole that goes very deep.
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