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    Subwoofer Comparison

    On the topic of choosing either SVS vs Monoprice subs, here's Erin's recommendation:
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    Kef Q650c Center Channel Speaker Review (by Erin)

    Here's the comparison with Kef R2C:
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    Miller & Kreisel S150 speaker review (by Erin)

    Mostly aesthetics I think. I don't see many speakers that have multiple tweeters like this. People buy whatever looks unique, without any understanding of it's design.
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    Kef Q650c Center Channel Speaker Review (by Erin)

    Thanks to @hardisj for another review! This is the 2.5-way center channel from Kef, which retails for US$750/ea. Preference score (as per Erin): 3.5 (or 5.8 /w sub) Conclusion: Discuss!
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    Miller & Kreisel S150 speaker review (by Erin)

    Thanks to @hardisj for another review! Preference score (as per Erin): 3.4 (/w sub 6.4) Conclusion: Discuss!
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    Does anyone know how often Polk is on sale?

    Yes, very frequently.
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    Put Together a $5k to $7k System?

    Have you seen my ‘subwoofer comparison’ and ‘passive/active speaker recommendations’ threads? If not, see signature.
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    Recommendations for Cheap Speakers for Auro 3d (surround and elevation speakers)?

    I had to look up GAS = Gear Acquisition Syndrome. :p The good news is that you're not limited by great options...the bad news, you're only limited by your budget and imagination. ;)
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    Genelec Personalised Listening : something new coming up

    Livestream started... Genelec introduced Aural ID: The ultimate in tailor-made headphone monitoring. Create your profile, download the plug-in, and enjoy a headphone listening experience you can finally trust. Pricing: 490 € / yearly App stores...
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    Subwoofer Comparison

    Improvements: - Added CEA-2010-A data for Arendal 1961 1S and 1V, provided by Audioholics
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    Audyssey's Next Generation of Room Correction (MultEQ-X)

    Sound And Vision published an article of an interview of Jeff Clark, Director of Software Engineering, Audyssey Laboratories Most interesting part:
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    Making Equalizer APO config file. Is it correct?

    Yes, it should be zero. Then import your filters.
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