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    JBL Stage 125C Review (Center Speaker)

    I have a C205 and a RC263... the latter sounds better, probably because of the 2 vs 3 way; I'm looking to pick up a C208 to match my F208 fronts. I also have a few other centers laying around, like the Martin Logan 50XT - I haven't seen measurements, but would the folded tweeter make it better...
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    Buckeye Amps: New US based Hypex multichannel amplifier builder, line-up announcement!

    well that would be the 'rule' part... ;)
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    Amir's subjective speaker rankings

    thanks? it wasn't about my satisfaction, but rather, understanding what you were trying to gauge with the forum members.
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    JBL tower opinions or objective reviews for HT | Studio 590 vs A190

    So to bring the post and original question to some closure... never did get to assess either the Studio 590s or A190, but I will say, the Revel F208s seem to integrate nicely with the RC263 (initial test tones sound indiscernible from each other - I haven't hooked up the C205 yet, but will try...
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    Amir's subjective speaker rankings

    Not sure if you're trolling... but for my clarification, you want subjective rankings of Amir as a person? or his subjective rankings of equipment? if the former, this is the wrong category and strange forum for that discussion.
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    Amir's subjective speaker rankings

    I'm going to assume your original intention was to get Amir's subjective rankings of equipment tested... which is vastly different than 'subjective rankings of Amir.'
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    Amir's subjective speaker rankings

    lol... in that case, I would give Amir a solid 7 for execution, and he can get the last 3 points if he tests the equipment that matter only to me, AND, I am happy with the results. :p
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    GoldenEar BRX Review (high-end Bookshelf Speaker)

    Another brand I've followed with some interest falls off the list. Let's talk of facts if you're going to render judgement - objectively, the cost to measured data makes the speaker poor. If we're going to argue whom liked it and how good it sounded to you... we can also talk of how AQ cables...
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    Erin posted the Emotiva Airmotiv T2+ tower speaker review

    If I saw this a week ago, I would've bought these to experiment with the RC263/C205... but patience wore thin, and I just took delivery of my F208s... today. I could've bought a pair of these, a C208, a pair of KEF R7s (another set I wanted to try), and another Purifi amp for the same cost...
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    JBL tower opinions or objective reviews for HT | Studio 590 vs A190

    Do you mean the 590s? or the Revels? and yes, if you're looking at the speakers without grills... most do not look great, the KEFs, however, do. The overall shape and the alien-lifeform waveguide of the 590s are too much IMO, the Revels just look too wide, doesn't look very sophisticated. But...
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    JBL tower opinions or objective reviews for HT | Studio 590 vs A190

    And deprive yourself of all the maddening measurements, tweaking, money wasted, wife-annoyed, and last but not least, diminished return on investment? ;) My main system is near 'end game'... I've been looking for 10 years to replace my Aerial 10Ts, and haven't found a pair that I like better...
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    KEF LS50 Meta vs KEF R3

    You need to run the Audyssey setup every time with speaker changes, but it will set 'reference' settings based on the new configs. (the crossovers, levels, and speaker configs always need a little manual tweaking afterwards IMO)
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    Monolith by Monoprice Encore B6 Bookshelf Speaker

    They currently have discounts on many of the Monolith lineup - 10/12 THX subs, the THX-365T... etc.
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    JBL tower opinions or objective reviews for HT | Studio 590 vs A190

    well, the Revels were to be my 'end game' for the LCR speakers on my HT system, and based on the recent challenges of getting the right JBLs, decided to skip the incremental steps in the Harman lineup. :D And of course, if I find add'l tweaking needs to come sooner than later (highly likely, as...
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    JBL tower opinions or objective reviews for HT | Studio 590 vs A190

    and it's not like the F208s are beautiful either. :D The KEFs, however, are good looking speakers, and the sound seems as expected with the measurements - but a bit on the thin side; I listened to the R11 and R3 last week (they didn't have the R7) at a local store.
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