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    Is Flat Bass or Harman Bass Better for Mixing on Headphones? (Professional Mixing Engineers Only)

    Checking the bass is the most common argument I hear of... A friend down the road who makes a living recording and mixing music wrote a theme song for a lantern festival that he used Yamaha monitors for. Not checking the deep bass on headphones, it was apparently an earth shaking event because...
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    Accurate and boring or colored and fun

    Yeah, if you want additional harmonics/distortion you'd need to use something besides just EQ. Warmth, 'detail', brightness, sibilance, air, and other frequency response issues seem to be the most common which seem to be things you can EQ in to a neutral speaker without bad resonances.
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    Accurate and boring or colored and fun

    Yes. But people don't want you to reduce their illusion and mysticism to something as simple as that.
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    Genelec 8361a - adjustable Speaker Stands

    These are what I used for the 8260 monitors. They are the same size as the 8361 and share a rubber IsoPod that attaches very securely to the stand plates. Sometimes you can find them used for cheaper, I imported some demo ones from another country and was able to get the stands for a couple...
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    Genelec 8361A vs 8351B

    Erin at Erin's Audio Corner actually measured the in room effect of doubling the number of speakers and it's about a 6dB increase. Hypothesis is you are doubling the amount of drivers and also doubling the amount of power applied. I think the 8361 has figures for 2 meter SPL levels, so you...
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    Monitors up to 700 euros

    That makes sense. I wish everyone had an SPL meter and used the same rating... Then we could calculate if a speaker would go loud enough based on what they already listen to. I'll have to re-read the review or maybe I got it from the video. For some reason I pick up on SPL not being satisfying...
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    Monitors up to 700 euros

    Yeah, not going to beat the MTM for a narrow footprint. If you need it to be more movable/portable I'd go with that. Nothing size and price wise is going to get you that kind of performance. That being said, I think you'll get a lot more overhead from the Kali's and I'd be comfortable using...
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    Monitors up to 700 euros

    If you value having a coaxial, I'd get the Kali IN-8 V2 mentnoned if you can stand something with an 8" woofer, otherwise the IN-5 sounds the same to me nearfield. (Own both and have done a head to head comparison of the IN-8 V1 to the Genelec 8260... Extremely worth it to get the Kali unless...
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    Is Flat Bass or Harman Bass Better for Mixing on Headphones? (Professional Mixing Engineers Only)

    Not voting as it has been a while/wasn't professional but in college working in a couple of the studios it was always Sony MDR 7506 headphones and the bass was flat at the output for the headphones, just like the speakers (Focal Twin6 Be). If you know what flat bass sounds like in your...
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    JBL M2 versus 4367 Shootout

    If it costs the same, I'm curious who would win if someone bypassed the crossovers and bi-amped the 4367. I think JBL could make a much better M2 these days for the same price or cheaper, but maybe high SPL and keeping the accuracy quite good is harder than I think. Don't they also have a...
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    Genelec GLM Review (Room EQ & Setup)

    Maybe it's because I'm missing DIRAC, but using REW with a MiniDSP I spent a few hours each day for a few to several days trying to integrate a pair of PSA 15" subs, and ended up having to send them back because they never sounded the same as the speakers and I preferred them off. Then I tried...
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    Genelec GLM Review (Room EQ & Setup) It's the non-DSP version of the 8350. 8250 has DSP, 8350 has DSP with more filters and capabilities.
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    Genelec GLM Review (Room EQ & Setup)

    While they don't get the slight boost at some frequencies that genelec has in GLM 4.1, I'm really glad Genelec still supports ALL of their DSP monitors with the newest versions of their software... My 8260's appreciate it.
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    EQ Software for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS/iPadOS and Android.

    Apple's ability to EQ sound system wide is crippled... You can only do it for local files with certain music players, so tens of thousands of songs vs up to a trillion trillion on Android, plus sound effects, videos, etc. Android: EQ a virtually infinite number of songs, videos or sounds, as...
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    Chromecast with Google TV - Dolby Atmos only works on 50% of Atmos titles

    I use a Chromecast 4k. If I can a YouTube video with my phone it sends out a 3/2 (5 channel surround sound) signal. If I cast the same video on YouTube from my laptop surround sound doesn't work. Maybe try casting from multiple devices?
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